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Using Astrology To Make Wise Choices

Using Astrology To Make Wise Choices

You can think of astrology as a map. The horoscope wheel is a two-dimensional representation of what was in the sky when you took first breath, and it forms a pattern of energy. Each day, each week, each month, and each year the pattern of the [...]

Use Astrology to Boost Wealth, Health, Passion & Purpose

Astrology defined First things first, let’s talk about what astrology is. This isn’t about beliefs or faith or religion. I’m simply going to define astrology and how you can easily use it in your daily life for maximum effect and opportunity. Astrology [...]


There is a technique in astrology that allows a practitioner to compare one person’s horoscope against another’s to determine the ways in which the two interact harmoniously or are challenged by their respective energy patterns. The name [...]
The Great Generational Divide

The Great Generational Divide

From feedback regarding social attitudes that has demonstrated clashes of viewpoints between age groups, I thought it would be good to revisit the concept about which I’ve previously written:  tackling generational differences from an astrological [...]
The Deep Meaning of America's Solar Eclipse

The Deep Meaning of America’s Solar Eclipse

Now that the famous American Solar Eclipse has occurred and is complete, it’s a good time to consider some of the meanings of such an event from the point of view of astrology. A Solar Eclipse, first and foremost, is also a New Moon, and [...]

Designing Your Family Using Astrology!

Did you know that you can try to conceive at a propitious time that potentially will bring a child into your life who will most likely be compatible with you and your partner’s sign? Did you know that you can in this way, God willing, design [...]

Podcast: Unlock The Power Of Pluto

Listen Here: Astrologer Hazel Dixon-Cooper is the author of HARNESS ASTROLOGY’S BAD BOY, in which she reveals how to transform your life by unlocking the force of astrology’s baddest character . . . PLUTO. Unlock The Power Of Pluto What [...]

Podcast: Spiritual Space Planning For Well-being At Home

Listen Here: Kita Marie Williams is the owner and lead designer at KMW Interiors where she specializes in spiritual space planning. Kita is author of Astrology & Interior Design: Unlocking the Secret to Your Personal Style at Home. Spiritual [...]

Podcast: Healing Your Relationships With The Magic Of Astro Therapy

Listen Here: Jennifer Marie Forchelli (aka JFO The Astro Therapist) is a Spiritual Teacher, Life Coach and professional Astrologer who has been doing Birth Chart readings for over 15 years.  She specializes in Psychological Astrology and supporting [...]

Your Values Show Your Soul Evolution

I was reading an interesting article in an astrology trade journal which made the point that, despite some stereotypes about astrologers in the popular culture . . . regarding them as manipulative fortune tellers – or worse! – when [...]

2014: The Thunder Year Of The Stallion

This last year of the Water Snake has been quite the ride and the Wood Horse of 2014 will feel like moving from the old Wooden white roller coaster of the past to the state of the art Colossus Roller Coaster of the future at Lagoon Amusement [...]

Is Love In Your Stars?

With Valentine’s Day near, it’s appropriate to talk about love. When people think about Valentine’s Day, their thoughts often veer in the direction of romantic love.  Who doesn’t want chocolate, red roses, candlelight, and romance?  [...]

Top 5 Things NOT to Say to Scorpio (or Scorpio Rising sign)

1. Trust me. Ya’ right. Scorpios are the best silent detectives since computer spyware. As soon as you say something like, “Trust me,” their mental antenna turns on their internal lie-detector apparatus. They’re dubious by nature. They [...]

Miley Cyrus: Epitome Of The Pluto In Scorpio Generation

Every generation is influenced by the sign that Pluto inhabits during its orbit. Miley Cyrus was born during the most recent generational passage of Pluto through its own sign, Scorpio, which it rules a period lasting from November 1983 through [...]

Mercury In Retrograde Stole My Words

Ah…I’m so duh…sometimes when Mercury in Retrograde rolls around (or rolls backward) I ought to say, I lose my words. They just don’t come. I sit, look at my thesaurus in the middle of writing a scene and start rhyming [...]

Top 5 Things NOT To Say To Libra (Or Libra Rising Sign)

As we enter into the sign of Libra, with its scales of justice, I like to think of Libra as the Harmonic Convergence of head and heart. Plan your month according to Harmony and be aware of when you toss the gauntlet to pick a fight for a cause. If [...]

Top 5 Things NOT To Say To A Virgo (Sun Or Rising Sign)

As the Earth orbits around the sun you turn your pages on the calendar. Depending upon the exact longitude and latitude, the SUN SIGNS rotate as well, so that approximately the third week of each month we enter a new Astrological sign and constellation. [...]

Cosmic Crazy Glue

In astrology, we look for signs that a relationship will have longevity and last through thick or thin. One of the most impressive factors in keeping people together are the combinations that Saturn makes to the Sun, personal planets, or angles [...]

Top 5 Things NOT To Say To A Leo (Sun Or Rising Sign)

As the Earth orbits around the sun we turn our pages on the calendar. Depending upon the exact longitude and latitude, the SUN SIGNS rotate as well, so that approximately the third week of each month we enter a new Astrological sign and constellation. [...]

Podcast: Star Power Astrology

Listen Here: Life Coach and Astrologer, Suzan Hayden, is author of the upcoming book, STAR POWER ASTROLOGY: Your Red Carpet Guide To Living A Totally Fabulous Life. Susan says that astrology is a tool to see what easy and difficult times [...]

Top 5 Things Not To Say To A Cancer (Sun Or Rising Sign)

As the Earth orbits around the sun you turn the pages on the calendar. Depending upon the exact longitude and latitude, the sun signs rotate as well, so that approximately the third week of each month we enter a new Astrological sign and constellation. [...]

Top 5 Things Not To Say To A Taurus

1.) “Here. I got you a gift.” If you’d really like to confuse your Bull, give them something and watch them frown. “Huh? Why are you giving this to me?” Will be their first response instead of, “Hey, thanks!” Taureans [...]

Mercury Retrograde In Pisces: Dreamy!

Mercury in Retrograde in Pisces from February 23 through March 17. Not only is Mercury, the planet that represents communication, in retrograde motion, it’s also in the watery & dreamy sign of Pisces. Wait! The Sun is in Pisces, Venus [...]

In To Me You See…The Real Intimacy

Let’s talk about intimacy. I know, we’ve already had enough chocolate on Valentine’s day to enter into a sugar coma, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Intimacy is often mistaken for sexual encounters. Intimacy [...]

Female Water Snake 2013: Facing a Year of Transformation

Not everything you see is what you see it as.  It is only how you see it at the moment. – Milton Erickson ‘Nothing is as it seems’ could possibly be a theme for the new Chinese year of the Female Water Snake—2013, as she [...]

Driven By Impatience? You’re Headed Toward The Cliff: Part 1

Something to think about. I’d like you to think about how, since childhood, you might have been excited about something: saving money for a gift, having a birthday party, opening presents on holidays, visiting an old friend or relative…recall [...]

The Magic Crayon

It was five years ago. My husband Dean gave me a birthday present to see the profoundly conscious singing sensation Lisa Gerrard at the Humphreys Hotel in San Diego, California. It’s a beautiful hotel, with an outdoor concert shell right [...]

Your January 2013 Vibration Is A New Sensation

What’s the new year all about? 2013 is the Chinese Year of the Water Snake, a Numerological ‘6’ Vibration, and the year to see the ‘Sign post up ahead’…the Twilight Zone? Nah, your 2013 Numerological Forecast. First [...]

Your 2013 Resolution Revolution

What does 2013 mean to you? For many it means the opportunity to start over–to lose weight, make more money, to spend more time with family, or to finally clean out the garage before the producers of ‘Hoarders’ come a’calling. [...]

Your December 2012 Forecast

Sun in Sagittarius to Dec 21. Practical Spirituality promotes Gratitude. Make it a daily habit and watch what happens. This is the long-anticipated ’12.21.12’ month. The end of the Mayan calendar means…the beginning of YOUR NEW TIMING. [...]

Have You Lost Your Mind?

This is what you might think whilst looking in the mirror, or what you might ask your friends and family during the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini phase-November 24 through Christmas. The Lunar Eclipse occurs on November 28, in the air sign of Gemini, [...]

Post-Election Prospects

From the broadest viewpoint – i.e., all is one – what purpose is served by the intense political dichotomy of our era, and how does it look to play out now? One reason why I (like other, reputable astrologers) had predicted a Romney [...]

Dancing Spirits: Your Day of Dead Horro-scope 2012

Aries – The Ram: Put ghosts from the past out of your mind and plant fertile seeds of optimism for your future.  Searching for a sexy Halloween costume just might help you feel like igniting some opportunities for trick or treat fun.   [...]

Moon Goes Void Of Course Om

What happens when the Moon goes ‘Void of Course?’ Well, of course, the answer is NOTHING. That’s what’s supposed to happen. Moon Void of Course is an Astronomical, celestial event. Every few hours, to every few days, the Moon enters [...]

Romney’s Saturn-Pluto on Obama’s Sun-Mercury

Romney’s One-Two Debate Punch: Can He Do It Again? There was a lot of surprise during and after the First Presidential Debate when Gov. Mitt Romney clobbered Pres. Barack Obama with words and facts.  Not many had expected the widely agreed-upon [...]