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Cosmic Crazy Glue

In astrology, we look for signs that a relationship will have longevity and last through thick or thin.

One of the most impressive factors in keeping people together are the combinations that Saturn makes to the Sun, personal planets, or angles between two people’s natal horoscopes.

When one person lives geographically apart, or when the relationship goes through severe crises and challenges, or when there are marked differences between people’s styles, or natures, or personalities, and yet they stick together in partnership or marriage, it’s often Saturn’s doing.  Saturn is “cosmic crazy glue”.  The relationship may not necessarily be based on romance, or even likeability!  Sometimes it’s all business and there are financial factors keeping people together; sometimes it’s blood (meaning, family); sometimes it’s need, but almost always there is a karmic factor at work.

It’s as though two people have contracted to hold fast during the incarnation in order to accomplish some sort of goal.

The goal may be regarding a third party and the need to team up in order to successfully handle a situation such as raising a disabled child, following a spiritual mission, or the accomplishment of an important material achievement.

Good Saturn aspects are very binding, sustaining, supportive, and long-lasting.  Sometimes hard Saturn aspects are likewise but with more friction.  Nevertheless, if you want to know whether a marriage will last, or a business partnership will survive, look to the cosmic crazy glue for the story.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma, the Teacher.  If Saturn weren’t at work in the universe, there would be little structure, and nothing would hold together long enough to form a world.  Be thankful for Saturn even if it’s giving you tough lessons.  One of the toughest lessons is always relationships.  That’s where Saturn gives us its best wisdom!

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.