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Moon Goes Void Of Course Om

What happens when the Moon goes ‘Void of Course?’

Well, of course, the answer is NOTHING. That’s what’s supposed to happen. Moon Void of Course is an Astronomical, celestial event. Every few hours, to every few days, the Moon enters a different constellation. Between constellations, where there is no planetary system to call home (or a Cosmic pit stop), the Moon is in limbo. (Does that sound redundant? Dunno.)

Astronomically speaking, that limbo place is called ‘Moon Void of Course.’

When I first learned of this twenty-five years ago I pictured a bunch of haughty astronomers getting together to discuss this celestial event. One says to the other, “What’s the moon doing just hanging out there without a constellation?” And the other astronmer says, “Well. The moon is void, of course.” Done. Phrase Coined.

So…what happens when the Moon is Void of Course? Well, like I said. Nothing. If you make a new friend when the Moon is Void, that friendship goes nowhere. If you go to a networking event to pass out business cards when the Moon is Void, you might, maybe make one contact with one outcome, but after that, nothing.

If you buy a blouse when the Moon is Void, you might wear it once…but then it sits there, waiting for Saturn to come by and ask you to tidy up your life and clean out your closets.

If you enact any type of business in the world when the Moon is Void, you can track this (I have) to see what becomes of the business. In most cases, nothing happens.

You might get dizzy. You might get nauseous. You might let down that defense and lighten up. You might lose focus, and often. You might forget where you parked your car at the mall then remember that a friend drove you. Oops, how silly. It never fails…when the Moon is Void and I’m in the kitchen, I forget that I’m cooking and usually burn something because I walk away!

What? That’s crazy! Well…no. That’s my mind in a Void. I’ve learned to use an egg timer.

Metaphysically speaking, a Moon Void of Course is meant for playtime, spiritual practices, relaxation, rejuvination, and essentially RE-connection to your body, mind, and spirit.

I have my most INVENTIVE moments for projects when the Moon is Void. I usually don’t post on the internet when the Moon is Void of Course because my words are glossed over or forgotten or people click on the links and they get trapped in a time-space-continum called “Squirrel!” And are off to seek other adventures.

What’s a Void good for?

Meditate or have fun or connect to your spiritual self during a Void, or watch movies (careful, though as technology and Voids don’t play nicely together so don’t even THINK of buying gadgets in a Void as they break soon out of the box). Make love, not war. Revel in your blessings. Generate the Gratitude vibe and it will fill up your ‘voids.’

When I want to bridge a gap with my writing or create a character, or to intuit information for your benefit, Moon Void of Course is my bestest, most illusive friend. I make sure to write down my ideas because just as quickly as they appear, they’re sure to get sucked into the Void.

Anyway, in the month of October there are a lot of ‘Voids.’ Here are a few to get you started. Keep track of them to see what happens to promises made, to plans engaged, to food or presents bought, too. Watch and experiment with a Void. You can always look up ‘Moon Void of Course charts’ on line to research it further.

October Voids-(times EDT)

  • Oct 10-5:40p through Oct 11-3:30p
  • Oct 12-7:48p through Oct 13-7:05p
  • Oct 15-8:00a through 8:30p
  • Oct 16-10:23p through Oct 17-8:38p
  • Oct 19-4:27p through 9:46p
  • Oct 23-9:27p through Oct 24-7:00a
  • Oct 26-11:04a through 4:31p
  • Oct 27-9:32p through Oct 28 all day and night
  • Oct 30-all day/night through Oct 31-2:40p

Elaine Marolakos Edelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.