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The 100,000th Publicist

That’s right. There’s an unprecedented number of “publicists” hitting the internet all vying for your business. But do you really want to hire a “newbie” to make the most of book publicity experience? Some of the dangers of hiring [...]

How Annie’s #1 Radio Campaign Created HUGE New Success For Author!

Listen Here: Find out from this real client what it’s like to work with the famous Annie Jennings PR. In this podcast, A’Mera Frieman, author of Breaking the Line: Victoria’s Beginning, reveals how she was able to leverage her radio [...]

Podcast: How to Write Your Book

Listen Here:  Today’s guest is Francine Barish-Stern, an award-winning writer and Founder of Golden Quill Press, a cooperative publisher that helps anyone who wants to write, learn through classes, one on one tutoring, with editing [...]

They Call Annie The Fixer … The PR Fixer

Was your publicity campaign a total flop? Did you go nowhere fast? And now, do you think it’s too late for your book? What are you going to do next? Call “The Fixer”. The PR Fixer.  Annie Jennings PR. “No campaign is ever [...]

Publicity: What Do CEOs Want?

What do CEOs want? From power to prestige to recognition and appreciation for all of their hard work over the years, CEOs share one ideal, they truly want to help make the world a better place. Using their wisdom, credentials and experience [...]

Podcast Opportunity On JenningsWire, HUGE Worldwide Exposure FAST!

Annie’s successful online magazine, JenningsWire.com showcases authors and experts in the JenningsWire Podcast Series*. Hundreds of podcasters have enjoyed professional, promotional interviews with one of the top interviewers in the country [...]

Book PR: Hire A Publicist With The Blink Factor, Here’s Why

Wondering how to hire the right publicist to help you promote your book? There seem to be publicists everywhere. But there is one special thing to look for that helps you make the right choice. Hire the publicist with the “blink factor”. What’s [...]
The Power of Authentic Branding

Podcast: The Power of Authentic Branding

Entrepreneur Altimese Nichole is the author of Brandticity: The Power of Branding Through Authenticity, where she combines industry knowledge and practical insight for small business owners navigating the complexities of social media. Listen [...]

Go Ahead. Be Like A Kid In A Candy Store. Go For It All!

But how? Isn’t it just too tough out there? Aren’t there just too many competitors? The trick is to not to look.  Don’t see what’s standing in your way.   That’s called a brick wall and will surely stop you from bothering. But see [...]

Real Story: How Frederick Leveraged His Radio Publicity Into Huge New Opportunities!

Listen Here: The Annie Jennings PR Real Story Success Series showcases real author and client success in leveraging Annie’s media bookings as door openers into  huge new opportunities with mega money making potential. In this podcast, [...]
JenningsWire Career Success Article

It’s GO TIME For Your Career Or Business!

That’s right. It is time to take it to the top. But how? You know you are good . . . but how do you get them to know it? Well, here’s a tip for you that only the most successful business performers (you know the ones, you see them on TV) [...]

Real Story: Annie’s Radio Campaign Greatly Exceeds Expectations!

Listen Here: Welcome to the Annie Jennings PR Real Stories of Success Podcast Series. Annie Jennings is the creator of the most powerful radio campaign in the country where you are booked on high impact shows in top markets and she is famous [...]

FAST TRACK Your Way Onto The Biggest Business & Finance TV Shows

Annie Jennings PR is on the hunt for top-level authors and experts who wish to appear in the highest levels of publicity and media opportunities Would be seen on big TV help your career? Would it land you more speaking events or more consulting [...]

How To Make Money From Your Book

There is one question authors ask me every day. “How do I make money with my book”? Annie Jennings PR has identified the key areas where authors can get substantial return on their investment of time, passion and money. And presents the [...]
Needle In The Haystack PR

Searching For The Needle In The Haystack Experts For PR Bookings

That’s right. Those top level authors and experts who wish to go even higher in their careers. They are perfect for our ongoing news talk radio guest opportunities.  These experts are the ones we can book right now as regular news guests. To [...]

Go Ahead, Be Amazing On Talk Radio

Go ahead, share your message with the world. Yes, but how to you get ‘out there’ with the world listening in? That’s what talk radio shows are all about. They have tens of thousands of listeners (some lots more) just hanging on to your [...]

True Story: House Guest Accidentally Reveals Secret Of Success

Do you know why your clients love you? What makes you different from your competitors? You should, or you just might change what is making you successful. Here’s how it happened. I came up with a bright new idea for my home office.  But first, [...]
Podcast: Why Hiring A Pro For Marketing Is Key

Podcast: Why Hiring A Pro For Marketing Is Key

Listen Here: Bill Corbett, Jr, is a 25 year veteran in the marketing, PR and business development sector. Bill makes his clients leaders in their industries, including real estate franchises, payroll companies, financial services and credit [...]

Podcast: Get Booked On TV Shows In Any City

Listen Here: Annie Jennings of the National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings Publicity presents an action-packed podcast on the benefits of appearing on TV shows in your local city or in any market in the U.S.. Life-changing podcast!  Want to [...]
When Brands Collide: How To Leverage Your Personal Brand

Podcast: When Brands Collide: How To Leverage Your Personal Brand

Listen Here: Dr. Will Clower is a bestselling author with a personality brand. He is also the CEO of Mediterranean Wellness, a company with its own brand in the corporate wellness space. Dr. Clower talks about the challenges he faces reconciling [...]
The Three S's Of Transformational Marketing

Podcast: The Three S’s Of Transformational Marketing

Listen Here: Dave Sutton, is the founder of strategic marketing firm TopRight, and says if a brand wants to get to the top of their market, they must master the 3 S’s of Story, Strategy and Systems.  Dave talks with us today about how your [...]
Marketing Tips with Jay Siff

Podcast: Marketing Tips with Jay Siff

Listen Here: Jay Siff the founder and CEO of Moving Targets, a national direct marketing and branding agency. Jay has worked with some of the legends in the industry and has become a student of neuromarketing. He produces a monthly email newsletter, [...]
I'm Addicted to Social Media - Help Me

I’m Addicted to Social Media – Help Me

I’m a Social Media Addict – Help me Social media is the drug of choice for the millennial generation.  Don’t believe it’s a drug?  See if this describes you – compulsive need for social media, habit forming computer or posting actions, [...]
Become a Media Mogul

Podcast: Become a Media Mogul

Listen Here: Bonnie Bruderer is the Executive Producer of BONBON Networks. Bonnie talks about her show and how it works for the guest. She will teach you how you can do one interview and have it broadcast on multiple networks, instantly, reaching [...]

Dream Website Designer Says It’s Time For A FAST Makeover

When you look at your website what do you think about? Do you wish it could be different overnight? But suddenly you feel all stressed out? Do you think that redesigning your site would take too long, require too much energy and probably cost [...]
SEO Tools

Podcast: SEO Tools

Listen Here: Nenad Cuk is the Marketing Manager at ThoughtLab, an award winning digital creative agency based out of Salt Lake City that specializes in web design, app development, branding & internet marketing needs for medium & large [...]
5 Secrets to a Successful Marketing Plan

Podcast: 5 Secrets to a Successful Marketing Plan

Listen Here: Dr. Minette Riordan is an award-winning entrepreneur and the bestselling author of The Artful Marketer: The Fundamental Business Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs. She has over 15 years of experience in marketing and sales. Currently [...]
Podcast: How Offering A Scholarship Helped This Business Grow

Podcast: How Offering A Scholarship Helped This Business Grow

Listen Here: Gene Caballero is the co-founder of GreenPal providing local lawn care pros with a platform to run their business to be more profitable and efficient. Gene discusses how SEO has impacted his business: How Offering A Scholarship [...]
Podcast: Linking Strategies To Boost Search Results

Podcast: Linking Strategies To Boost Search Results

Listen Here: Lisa W Boyle the CEO of Paradigm Shift SEO, a full service digital marketing company that helps businesses who want to increase their website traffic, leads and conversions. Lisa is currently writing her 1st book Demystifying SEO:  [...]
Social Media is "Not Working"? Got Solution.

Social Media is “Not Working”? Got Solution.

We live in a world of posts, likes, follows and content. Within that window we are constantly being directed to be the best voice, have the best content and build that ever-illusive audience. We become a part of a social media wheel that is [...]


Listen Here: Business Growth strategist, Kelly Roach, is the author of the new book, Unstoppable: 9 Principles for Unlimited Success in Business and Life where she breaks down the top lessons she’s learned throughout her award-winning [...]

Podcast: 4 Common SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Listen Here: Anca Bradley is the Associate Director of Search Marketing at Denver-based digital marketing agency, Fruition. Over the years, Anca has developed an expertise in conceptualizing and implementing comprehensive online marketing campaigns. [...]

Podcast: Common SEO Mistakes

Listen Here: Mine Salkin is the Senior Digital Strategist of Absolute Mobile Solutions, managing digital marketing strategy to ensure websites perform well. She’ll be discussing common SEO mistakes.  Common SEO Mistakes What is the first [...]

Podcast: How To Be The Best On The Internet

Listen Here: Max Cron is the Creative Strategy Director at Online Optimism, a full service digital marketing firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana. With a background in marketing and management ranging from the music industry to the garment [...]

Podcast: Fit Small Business

Listen Here: Michael Heiligenstein manages content marketing for FitSmallBusiness.com, a rapidly growing small business website. Fit Small Business covers a wide range of business topics, from marketing to financing to managing employees. Fit [...]