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Times Up! On Harassment In The Workplace

Times Up! On Harassment In The Workplace

Bianca was pleased to get her dream job in sports management. Though being a sports information director meant odd hours and rushed deadlines, she had been working for this career opportunity for years. She even moved two times zones away from [...]

Summer Job Harassment- #METOO

I was at the local grocery store picking up produce and found myself in a conversation with the checkout girl. She was probably 16, with brunette hair and braces; I’ll call her Samantha.  Her college-bound friend, Amera, was chatting on [...]
Overlooked and Ignored: Another Form of Workplace Incivility

Overlooked and Ignored: Another Form of Workplace Incivility

Patrice was a conscientious colleague at her local newspaper. She was ready to pitch in when someone needed to fact check an item. She even offered to do light editing when time permitted. However, her assistant editor, Kyle, didn’t like her [...]

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Carly Fiorina: A Tale of Two Women – Choose Your Own Resume Now

Much has been and will be written about Hillary Rodham Clinton. Even the Rodham that popped up after she was encased in the White House . . . the first time. A closer look at Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina gives us a tale of two women who [...]

Excusing Bad Behavior in the Office?

Layla was working on a project that required the input of two other offices. She needed data from the research office, and also promotional materials from the institution’s marketing division. She was on a deadline, but still needed to move [...]

Equal Opportunity, NOT!

Laws demand that work places, services, schools and jobs be open and accessible to all people. Laws contain loopholes that drive millions of Americans to forgo opportunities and suffer a prejudice that goes unnoticed – except by those [...]

Confidence V Arrogance: Defining Words We Use All the Time

At the recent State of the Union President Obama drew loud applause from Republicans when he began a section of his remarks, “I have no more campaigns to run.” Departing from his prepared speech, Obama responded to the surprise applause [...]

Podcast: Courage – An INside Job!

Listen Here: Sandra Ford Walston is known as the Courage Expert, an internationally published speaker and author with over 20 years of original research on feminine courage, everyday courage and courageous leadership. Her three books include COURAGE [...]

The Rising Cost Of Denying Access To Those With Disabilities

David is the manager of neighborhood pharmacy. He is task-oriented and needs to be as his store is short staffed.  While David has always been fair, he is upset with Tommy; his evening manager who comes in one day with doctor’s notes and [...]

Podcast: OUTsider: Crossing Borders. Breaking Rules. Gaining Pride

Listen Here: Ruth Marimo is the author of the new book, OUTsider: Crossing Borders. Breaking Rules. Gaining Pride, a memoir detailing her experiences living under the shadows of being illegal in a foreign country, surviving domestic violence [...]

Podcast: What’s For Work, Ladies?

Listen Here: Teri Hockett has been featured in over 20 articles on Forbes.com, Business Insider, and CBS San Francisco. As the founder and CEO of What’s For Work?, a career management and job searching website, Teri writes blogs and speaks [...]

Podcast: Your Employee Rights

Listen Here: Scott Behren is a trial lawyer and owner of the Behren Law Firm in Weston, Florida that practices in all state and federal courts in the state of Florida. He specializes in the areas of business and employment litigation and [...]

Minding the Gap

Lessons from the London underground When the doors of a train in the London underground open, you hear a booming recorded male computer voice instructing you to ”mind the gap” – the space between the train and the platform.  You can get [...]