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Podcast: Two Women 1 Disease

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Our guest today is Beth Pauvlinch, who began a blog ‘Two Women 1 Disease’ with her mother when they first learned of her mother’s diagnosis with cancer, and continued throughout their entire three year battle. It is packed with hope, pain, and humor because sometimes humor is the only thing that can get you through. Beth published this as a book with the same name, seven years after the loss of her mother and best friend.

Two Women 1 Disease

  • What was the most difficult part of this journey for you?
  • How did you best cope during this experience?
  • Did you feel guilt during this process?
  • What would you like your readers to learn from your journey?

To learn more about Beth and her book, please visit www.artbybeth.com – she is offering a 50% discount for podcast listeners when you purchase the book on her site (https://www.artbybeth.com/twowomen1disease) and type in the code “jennings” at checkout.

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