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How to Achieve Your Breakthrough Success

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Today we’re featuring Nancy Shugart, an award-winning businesswoman, professional speaker and author of three books – her latest is Prove Them Wrong: Be the One to Make It Happen

Since going blind at the young age of eight, Nancy has heard the word “impossible” on every step of her journey. She chose to prove them wrong. Today she’s a national speaker and peak performance trainer on blasting past barriers and being at the top of your game!

 How to Achieve Your Breakthrough Success

  • Your newest book is titled Prove Them Wrong: Be the One to Make It Happen. Who is it for and why did you write it?
  • If someone is listening who is wondering how they can have their own breakthrough success, what would you want them to know?
  • What advice would you give to someone if they want to take the first step but they’re nervous? Is there a safe way to get started?
  • Do you have any final words to leave our listeners with?

To learn more about Nancy, her books and how you can invite Nancy to speak to your school, organization or business, please visit www.ProveThemWrong.com. Be sure to also follow “The Prove Them Wrong Lady” on Facebook and connect with her on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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