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Creative Success Depends on Long View

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In this podcast, we feature author Taylor Marsh, who has excelled across multiple entertainment platforms over twenty-five years. She is a thriller writer who tinkers beyond the veil, writing about strong women in dangerous spaces. Cosmic Tattoo is her latest release.

Creative Success Depends on Long View

  • Taylor, tell us about your latest book, Cosmic Tattoo, and what readers can expect.
  • What do you hope readers take away form your book?What are the major themes?
  • As a creative writer, how do you start your day and get inspired?
  • You’ve been in the entertainment biz for a long time, what’s your secret to creative longevity?
  • Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

Learn more about Taylor Marsh and her books online at www.taylormarsh.com and connect with her on Instagram or Facebook @MsTaylorMarsh. Book lovers can reach her directly at taylormarshthrillers@gmail.com

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