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CompatibilityThere is a technique in astrology that allows a practitioner to compare one person’s horoscope against another’s to determine the ways in which the two interact harmoniously or are challenged by their respective energy patterns.

The name for this technique is synastry, and it is in fact one of the chief and ancient usages for this tool.

For instance, in some other cultures where arranged marriages are the norm, this technique is traditionally used to compare the respective spouses’ patterns to determine the degree of their compatibility. In Western society, we usually do not do so. We usually as of late find each other by means of sexual attraction, common interests, or in some cases, convenience. The latter was the norm, especially among titled aristocracy or the wealthy upper class in order to seal national alliances or merge fortunes.

The problem with making marriages based upon physical chemistry, political unions, or financial accretion is that there is a strong likelihood that the two people won’t get along, may not develop a loving bond, or may be so unalike in their interests or values that it is marriage in name only.

Astrology offers a different system. By studying each individual’s energy patterns, we can see many things.

Does the relationship have a mental compatibility, or will there be misunderstandings and arguments, or even more so a total breakdown of communications? Do the two people share similar values when making decisions about saving or spending, or even decorating their house, or choosing what type of vacation to take? Are they deeply divided, or on the same page? Will the relationship be fertile, if that’s what is needed? Will the two people support and help each other’s journeys, or will they thwart, criticize, block or undermine them? Is there trust between them? Are they essentially similar? These and so many more questions that are vital to a successful relationship can be studied and analyzed effectively and with great accuracy via the horoscope.

Relationships do not exist only as marriages; they exist also as parent/child, siblings, business partners, and various other types of ties, even including nations and corporations.

Astrology is a wonderful tool.  It is coming into its own finally in Western society in recent years, overcoming resistance, lack of understanding, and what might be called falsehoods. It makes great sense to use this effective tool when you understand its great benefits.

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