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In To Me You See…The Real Intimacy

Let’s talk about intimacy.

I know, we’ve already had enough chocolate on Valentine’s day to enter into a sugar coma, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

Intimacy is often mistaken for sexual encounters. Intimacy is actually true honesty and that honesty doesn’t mean you have to be talking or acting out a particular emotion. It means you’re available emotionally and energetically. Intimacy means that your compassionate self opens to another. It also means honesty.

Of course honesty without tact can sound or appear to be outrageous or rude. I refer to simple honesty. When you know that you feel disturbed about something and then seek to be with that feeling for a moment or two…not necessarily to immediately solve the problem, but to be present with what you feel.

Oh, did you think I meant honesty with others?

Well, of course, yes. But first you have to be honest with yourself, to know what you think and what you feel before you dive into any kind of conversation (or diatribe).

Simply–you hang onto emotions–and the thoughts that create those emotions–as if they were your only lifeline to the truth. Think about all the times you, or someone you know, has married themselves to a belief, an idea, a notion, a way–no matter if that belief, idea notion or way is counterproductive to themselves or another. (Pretty much sums up the human race, huh?)

It’s true. You can be very stubborn in your way but that stubbornness stops you from being honest, from being intimate with yourself and with others.

The point is to be honest about the many ways that exist then get comfortable with being uncomfortable when someone says something different. Being intimate with another person is allowing them to see you…In to me you see. Intimacy.

I mention this before we head into a Mercury in Retrograde and line-up of Pisces planets.

Why? Because people tend to judge more in a Mercury in Retrograde. Folks tend to act out passive aggressively more instead of sharing honest communication. Add to that the slippery fish of Pisces who doesn’t like to make waves (A water sign without waves? Right there, see the contradiction?) and who’s uncomfortable being totally honest might lend itself to you having trouble saying things like, “Oops, I goofed. Please forgive me.” Or  “Hey, I excelled to new heights and I’m so excited and I wanted to share that with you.” Or  “Oh, no…I’m a bit lost can you help?” Or even,  “Guess what? I used to believe that but now I’ve changed my mind! So tell me what you think!”

Allow yourself to admit when you feel down, angry, upset, giddy, serene, annoyed, all of it. Then allow someone else to see you, the truth about you and you won’t be so surprised when they offer support.

Admit to yourself when you feel negative or judgmental…the best part of intimacy with yourself is to realize that your negative thoughts or attitudes aren’t bad…they’re scared. Nurture yourself and give yourself a full latitude and longitude of feelings, emotions, and healthy expression and when you do you’ll love yourself so much more.

You’ll realize that you ARE LOVE no matter what other temporary emotions—high or low–pass over that shining love. This is true intimacy–when you share yourself without reservation and with complete trust.

More on the Mercury in Retrograde in Pisces in upcoming posts!

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