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Miley Cyrus: Epitome Of The Pluto In Scorpio Generation

Every generation is influenced by the sign that Pluto inhabits during its orbit.

Miley Cyrus was born during the most recent generational passage of Pluto through its own sign, Scorpio, which it rules a period lasting from November 1983 through November 1995.

Her birthday was in 1992, smack in the middle of things, and she not only has Pluto in Scorpio as all her generation does, but she has an emphasis of that sign with her Moon and Mercury there as well.

Scorpio represents the dark underbelly of human desires.

Scorpio in astrology is symbolized by an emphasis on sexuality, money, power, and also on death.  There are parts of the globe where a generation is growing up with death and violence all around them, such as parts of the Mideast.

But in America, especially the aspect of American media which is seen around the globe and heavily influences the times, the emphasis seems to be on a culture saturated by over-sexualized images slathered in sleaze.

Yet perhaps as an unexpected consequence it also exhibits the rise of female power, which is not limited just to the Pluto-in-Scorpio generation but is a worldwide trend having its expression in the entire Age of Aquarius (this concept is too long to address in this post, but I may do so at a later date).

So, there is Miley onstage.

Twerking her butt in people’s faces, pointing a sponge glove at her crotch, and sticking out her tongue as though to dare the world to stop her from playing with these raunchy, almost pornographic moves.  But does she “represent”?  She’s certainly not alone.

In music, there is gangsta rap; on film, full frontal nudity; in literature, “Fifty Shades of Gray”; and ubiquitously in many other big and small screen offerings we – at least the younger members of the American society – are deluged with a message that this is what it takes to be out there, to make a mint, and to conquer the fickle media.

Miley happens to have her Moon/Pluto/Mercury trine Mars, and sextile Venus/Neptune/Uranus in water and earth respectively, so she “gets away with murder”!

But there’s something else going on: her Sun and Ascendant are in a wholly different sign – Sagitarrius – which can be wild, adventuresome, fun-loving, and devil-may-care.  Thus, she really is thumbing her nose at us all, and playing with this Scorpionic power.

Pluto in a sign acts like detergent; it dredges up all the dirty stains in order to cleanse them.

First we have to look at the depth of the grossness, and then we can find a way to let daylight scrub it out.  Maybe Miley is doing just that in playing her game, using her sexual power as a tool.

She has a hard aspect from her Moon to Saturn, so there will be great pain in her life, and her Mars in Cancer shows the friction within her family drama, but this is a girl with Jupiter trine Saturn in an air sign, meaning she’s got a business head on her shoulders.  And she can be very clear as to what she’s going for.  She has said that she made a decision “to rule the world”.

Who knows where all this will lead next?  At least, the current generation who were born with Pluto in Capricorn (a very conservative sign) will probably swing the pendulum in the opposite direction when they come of age beginning 2028.

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