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Podcast: Choosing To Be A Medium

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Today’s podcast guest is Sharon Farber, a massage therapist, healer, artist, medium, teacher, and the owner of Dragonfly Healing Arts in Connecticut. She is the author of Choosing to be a Medium: Experience & Share the Healing Wonder of Spirit Communication. 

Sharon also gives mediumship readings and demonstrations, leads circles, teaches classes, offers private mentorship, all available online.

Choosing To Be A Medium

  • What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium?
  • What inspired you to you write Choosing to be a Medium?
  • How do you teach someone to become a medium?
  • Is it just a matter of opening your mind?
  • What’s your advice to people who want to develop their mediumship abilities?

To learn more about Sharon Farber and her book, Choosing to be a Medium, please visit www.sharonfarber.net

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