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Personal Development and the Future of Business

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In this podcast, we feature Taylor Morgan, a former Marine, holistic lifestyle specialist, and founder of The Captain’s Lifestyle Program, where he coaches entrepreneurs on how to maximize their health, happiness, and productivity so they can optimize their work-life balance while continuing to scale their impact. 

Personal Development and the Future of Business

  • You went from the Marine Corps to being a holistic lifestyle specialist, what inspired that change?
  • What does The Captain’s Lifestyle Program look like?
  • It seems like a lot of people can benefit from that. Why did you decide to work with entrepreneurs?
  • How do you decide who would be a good fit for the program?
  • What advice do you have for  entrepreneurs who aren’t satisfied with their work-life balance?

Learn more about Taylor Morgan and the Captain’s Lifestyle at thecaptainslifestyle.com, and connect with Taylor directly via email taylor@thecaptainslifestyle.com or Instagram @thecaptainslifestyle

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