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Tips To Keep That Youthful Look

Tips To Keep That Youthful Look

Recently, having been complimented on my skin yet again, especially acknowledging my large amount of accumulated years, I repeated an old joke about whipping up a potion – a witchy potion – that I take every night to keep that youthful appearance! Actually, [...]

Confessions of a Shy Girl

Let’s set the bar straight. Everyone loves each other. Everyone watches one another. We all like each other. We are intrigued by one another. Forget what you think or what so and so said. This love and like is inherent. Cats and dogs show [...]

Podcast: Why We Don’t Feel Well

Listen Here: Michael Galitzer MD has been practicing Anti-Aging and Energy Medicine for the past 28 years.  He is here to tell you how you can attain Outstanding Health, which is the name for his soon to be released book. Why We Don’t [...]

Podcast: Fitness At 40, 50, 60 And Beyond

Listen Here: Michael Spitzer is the author of the new book Fitness at 40,50, 60 and Beyond. And if you saw the cover of this book, you would be shocked to learn that the people pictured are around 50 years old! In fact, the author himself IS [...]

Defy Aging

‘I’m speaking about “Creative Aging” at the PWN International Women’s Conference in August, and while preparing my presentation, I felt the need to revisit my chapter by the same name, “Creative Aging,” in The Baby Boomer’s Handbook [...]

Podcasts: Secrets To Staying Young

Listen Here: Anti-aging and Beauty Expert, Jackie Silver, is a frequent television and radio guest, contributor to and featured expert on numerous beauty, lifestyle and anti-aging websites, including her anti-aging column on JenningsWire. Jackie [...]

What’s Age Got To Do With it?

Has anyone ever said to you, “Boy, you look great. You’re how old?” That must make you feel really good, since nobody wants to look his/her real age.  But what if you’ve heard the opposite.  “I’m so sorry; [...]

The Power Of Protein

Those guys in the gym slurping down their protein shakes might be onto something. This is according to a study done by Italian researchers and published in the journal Cell Metabolism.* Protein is a building block for our muscles, bones, cartilage, [...]

3 Easy Ways To De-Age

A lot of people say that “true beauty is on the inside.” For the most part, I agree with them. However, as a scientist and board-certified gynecologist, I know that how old someone looks – regardless of their actual age – offers insight [...]

Grape News For Skin

Resveratrol. By now most people have heard the “good news” that resveratrol, the compound present in red wine, offers health benefits. According to WebMD.com, “Resveratrol has been linked to prevention of age-related problems [...]

Are You Developing Smart Phone Neck?

Um, hello, up here! Hi! Nobody looks up anymore. Everyone is too busy looking down at their smart phones, laptops and tablets – texting, reading, flirting, browsing, shopping, playing games, watching videos and more. You could be at risk [...]

Aging Backwards Shortcuts

Melatonin is better than counting sheep. Melatonin is a hormone that your brain makes to control your sleep and wake cycles. As we age, all of our body’s hormone levels change. WebMD.com reports that, “Natural melatonin levels slowly [...]

5 Things To Never Do If You Want To Remain Eternally Youthful

Never use fluoride toothpaste Recent studies show that fluoride does more harm than good. It depresses the nervous system and causes marked apathy. Don’t be shocked – it was years before we learned smoking was bad for us. As [...]