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Your December 2012 Forecast

Sun in Sagittarius to Dec 21.

Practical Spirituality promotes Gratitude. Make it a daily habit and watch what happens. This is the long-anticipated ’12.21.12’ month. The end of the Mayan calendar means…the beginning of YOUR NEW TIMING. Will you ascend? Will you be blessed with instant enlightenment? Will you overcome great and terrifying obstacles? Will the Earth alter its rotation and plummet out of orbit? Will Oppan Gangdam style be the hot new theme at the Academy Awards?

Each year the center of our galaxy aligns with the Earth. Picture Jodie Foster in her wormhole experience in the movie, ‘Contact.’

You’ll have an opportunity to harness a burst of energy from December 20 through the 22nd.

But what will you do with it?

You’ll suddenly be saying, (like Jodie’s character), “I had no idea…”

  • How beautiful life really is
  • How powerful I really am
  • How much I DO CARE
  • How much I’ve been beating myself up over little things
  • How it’s time to forgive myself for thinking that I’m not enough
  • How much I expect others to do things for me when I won’t do them for myself
  • How much I don’t have a belief system that supports me
  • How I am a miracle
  • How I am capable of great dreams…and of horrible nightmares
  • How I’m so ready to be as present as possible to make tiny transitions toward my dreams coming true…

Take the December Galactic alignment burst from the Cosmos and DO something wonderful with it. You can dream all you like, but without a plan of action, and then without actually doing anything DIFFERENT…nothing changes. Sad, but true.

On December 20, 21, and 22…clap your hands three times and (your click your heels, too, Dorothy) and up your vibe by BELIEVING ‘It’ is possible. Keep a journal near your bed and write down your inspiration, your dreams, your urges to love more.

What’s in store for each sign (and Rising Sign) during the supposed (inner) apocalypse? Let’s take a look.

Aries-The Cosmos asks you what you truly believe. Every metaphysical text will tell you, “What you think, you create.” So get a grip on those thoughts and transfer the juicy ones toward actual contracts that support you. Some of you ponder a ‘divorce’ from certain partners. Okay. Sometimes we grow and have to move on. NO judgments. You must have clear and verbal and written boundaries. Time to honor your ability to bend and sway like the strongest of trees, too. Take responsibility for the ‘matter’ in your world. Sign on the dotted line as you realize re-learning is in order. Some of you travel this month to new places (even if in your own mind) and it sparks that fiery you into action about living an authentic life. Well, hooray! By the end of December you’re already ahead of yourself and can see beyond the horizon. Slow down, Ram, before you butt heads with the world. Vision plus planning plus repeated action create matter. So…what’s the matter?

Taurus- Money. What is it REALLY to you? It’s time to reassess how you: make it, save it, spend it, donate it, ignore it, and deflect it. What the Cosmos is really asking you to do is examine your VALUES around money and your talents. It’s time for a financial mentor to help you think in new ways. And if you’re already on the road to a wealthier you, bravo, brava…now it’s time to make your earthly contribution and help others understand THEIR VALUE. For a lot of you Bulls…Money with others leaves you feeling drained OR like a brand new start’s in order. Form follows thought! Set a clearly defined goal for wealth and that means WRITE IT DOWN to watch it grow.

Gemini-You and your Taurus buddies ponder money, yes, but you’re actually adding RELATIONSHIPS to this mix and how you matter in the bigger picture. You might want to make it about money, but if you and your significant other aren’t getting along, it’s really not about money, it’s about YOU valuing who you are in a marriage or partnership and valuing them, too. Divorce or marriage in biz, or at home, makes you wonder how you got here. The next ‘step’ is a biggie, so be thoughtful about your work, about your commitment to another, too. Get a check-up now. There’s some healing that needs to happen in those static parts of your body: bones, blood, hormones, and pelvis. And for those of you who are in great relationships, go to the next level by joining forces and starting a movement for the greater good.

Cancer-Wow, you’re working way too much Crabcakes. If you think about it, you’re making your own tornado sometimes. No matter what you do for work you MUST incorporate a healthy ‘de-stress’ routine! Burning candle at both ends results in your mind melting to the pavement. Sometimes, between realities, we all go through a chaotic time. If you’ve been doing your ‘work’…but not at the sake of yourself, then you know what’s on the horizon. Pace it and then set very clear boundaries with work. Raise fees. Say ‘no’ to needy clients. Put up a force field if you have to! OK? Then…wow. The ideal work scenario presents itself. You must make space in your world by acting differently regarding work. When you open up a space, the Cosmos fill it with your desires. (Just like when you clean out your closets, you get to buy new things.) See how it works?

Leo-I speak to healthy adults when I say this—time for sexy, steamy…baths? Not unless you’re sharing that tub with your lover. Healing, revealing, reconstructive moments come from playing like a kid OR from acting like a fun, yet productive adult. Have more romance, sing, write, dance as well. Now, ahem…some of you have been acting child-like (or childish) for too long now. Temper tantrum time is over. It’s time to harmonize either acting like a kid or parenting everyone. Dizzy yet? Well, I guess more temper tantrums are inveitable—either from your kids or from that part of you that just doesn’t want to have to work so hard anymore! Why not allow yourself to be as present as possible and to let go of control? Here’s some irony—when you set healthy boundaries, it actually creates more freedom. Where don’t you feel safe in life? Ah, the plop thickens.

Virgo-Are you feeling the need to mother everyone? Well, if you ARE a parent, it becomes apparent that you need to soften the edge of ‘shoulds.’ If you’re NOT a parent then step back and rethink your role in any relationship. How you communicate your needs and desires to kids, parents, spouse (without sarcasm or judgment) is key. A new structure in your home, or about the four walls, lends itself to new boundaries (or it’s time to clean out closets and clear the clutter!) Make space for new things, ideas, and opportunities. The more you WANT something, the farther away it gets. Why is that? How annoying. You might say that you want to have a child…but do you really? Or is it that you want to nurture or feel loved or be needed? Examine your WANTS very carefully and then look at your mother (or the memory of your mom) and see where you emulate, judge, or negate her way of being. Your own parents may need you more now, too. Your identity is morphing. Who would you like to be?

Libra-If you put old ‘stuff’ on new situations, it means you just don’t trust reinvention. Your values and income are askew. You know you can make a living, but deep down you’re faced with contradictions. A lot of these contradictions will surface this month but you have power to CHOOSE who you’d like to be. Stop any blame about what you don’t have or didn’t get. Then the dark side fizzles into light gray and you get to create bridges from one-way to another that suppor you much more. Discover what money really is to you, how you view it, if you argue with it or negotiate a reward system with it. It comes down to valuing YOU at this point. Stop working so hard at working so hard. Debt on any level mirrors your self worth. Please Love yourself or what’s the point?

Scorpio-Saturn is now in your sign for the next two and a half year—you’re about to feel really serious about who’s in your life and why, the thoughts and actions you generate and why. Some elders or mentors will be leaving your life during this phase and this month kicks off your need to get disciplined with the bigger picture. Make a list of things, people, places, and your own ideas and practices that you truly VALUE. All else must or go (or will go on it’s own so don’t fight it). Anything else will cause you loss of energy, money, resources, time, too. So start weeding now for a springtime bloom. This month and the Cosmos also ask you to get clear on money, income, budget, and investments. If something speaks your truth, great! If not…weed pile!

Sagittarius-Woohoo! This is your birthday month (that you share with Capricorn)! A lot of you are about to embark on a new journey and you’ve done a great job of working so hard that you can’t see the forest for the trees! Please be aware that you create your own chaos, so no whining. First–check in with your body. Give it what it needs to be healthy. Second–You just went through a restructuring of your work and health practices or values…either that or someone just cost you a lot of worry or money. Boundaries are key! Not defensive, cynicism or judgments…but boundaries, learning how to say NO and mean it.  What you believe on many levels may not be in your awareness and therein lies the conflict with others and money. Meditate more for clarity and when the burst of energy hits you this month you’ll have a huge aha about how you create your own reality. Then…Obi-wan, and only then will you be ready to transmute. (Look it up J)

Capricorn-What’s your biggest fear? That you’ll be alone? That you’ve done something wrong? That you’re not enough? That you’ll stave if you don’t work a million hours a week? That you don’t give to others enough? It’s time to face that fear (not in a real sense, but in a healing, counseling type of sense). Let’s take from Yoda Wisdom…when Luke Skywalker is about to meet his fear of Darth Vader in the dark cave, he asks Yoda, “What’s in there?” and Yoda says, “Only what you take with you.” Look in the mirror to reconnect with your Divine, Pure Conscious Love self…and know that when the fear pops up, you’ll be ready to embrace it, neutralize it, transform it into sparkles of love. How? Anytime you feel doubt or restlessness, your bones might ache first…then your mind starts to limit your fun. In that moment focus on GRATITUDE to create a powerful vibe of EXPANSION beyond limitation. End the ‘reward’ system. You deserve because YOU ARE. Own your power by stepping into it.

Aquarius-Imagine standing in front of a large group. Who are they? Why are they there? Do they support you? Why not? If they do, then what do you ask of them? Visualize this clearly to get a grip on how to harness this higher frequency that’s headed your way this month. Feeling judged? Or are you making snap decisions of others? Harmonize by inviting odd players into the mix. You love variety anyway, right? There must be reciprocity with groups. Reciprocity IS NOT…I give to them and they give back. Reciprocity means that you hold a healthy group in a supportive frame of mind, for their expansion and well-being…WITHOUT the thought of getting something back. You see, as long as you expect to get back from others to whom you give, it means deep down you still don’t trust that this is a benevolent Cosmos. Learn to ask friends, coworkers for help and a very practical truth enters your world. What ever IT is asks you to reconsider contracts and your own belief system around ‘having.’ Repeat-“There’s enough of everything to go around.” Then exhale.

Pisces-Your career and life direction are about to get ‘amped up,’ so make sure that you have really clear boundaries about what you will or won’t do at work. In fact, ‘Work’ needs to represent your truth or it feels like a burden. So if you’re in a job that you hate or drains you, but you’ve got yourself believing that “Well, this is they only way I know how to support my family,’ then it’s time for a mental-makeover. If you’ve fallen asleep, here’s the wake-up beep. You can try to hit the snooze button, but not for long. The Cosmic vibe this month gives you a VISION of what’s possible. So be honest when you have that dream or that aha. You may not know HOW to follow through, but isn’t that what other people (and trust) are for? What’s the one judgment you keep slinging at yourself? Not good enough? Smart enough? Not enough cash? What’s the fear telling you? Remember that YOU created that fear, now talk yourself down from the ledge and go be a joyful you.

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