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Aura Colors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what color am I after all? How you think, or should I say react, has a lot to do with your aura color personality. Whether you realize it or not, you exude an energetic frequency of brilliant light. Call it part of [...]

Inspired Action – Intuitive Intelligence

Being both intuitive and intellectual… I personally love to have my intuition activated by interesting research or ideas that pop-up on my radar. There is a substantial amount of research that demonstrates that many highly successful CEO’s [...]

Resisting Your Karma

Recently a cute post on Facebook by a spiritual teacher proclaimed: “Your height is your karma; your weight is free will.” This pretty succinctly sums up the differences between fate (or what you are given to deal with as your karmic predicament), [...]

Turn Off The Engine of Your Mind

I bet you never had that thought. I bet you never thought that you had control over your thoughts – the amount of them, the rapidity of them, or the quality of them. Most people feel that they are their thoughts; they derive their very identity [...]


My husband and I were goofing around about what our choices would be for our next lifetimes. Since we’re not spring chickens, this interesting conversation followed on the heels of some talks about karma, some introspection about life-reviewing, [...]

A Healing Meditation To Use For Loved Ones Or The World

Here is a healing meditation you can use for loved ones whom you know personally, or people in the news to whom you’d like to send powerful healing energy, such as someone wounded in a terrorist attack, or someone going through a health struggle. The [...]

Dialing Down The Distress: The 1-Minute Breathing Box Meditation

Everyone can use a simple method for going within, getting in touch with your deepest self and finding a bit of serenity when life gets too intense or seems crazy. One of the best methods I’ve found is a simple breathing technique that provides [...]

Two Social Media Trends Show Hope and Optimism

Two trends I’ve noticed for some time on social media give cause for well-needed hope for society. One is a great and growing kindness towards the entire animal kingdom, and the second is unphotoshopped evidence of incredibly precocious children [...]

Faith in Unconditional Universal Love

The world is consistently aiming to push us back into the benevolence. The stars woo us to remember all we ask is here. The doves sing to our hearts, asking us to hear the grace in each silent second. The winds grab our arms, embrace our backs, [...]

The 2016 Yang Fire MonKey Book is Here

The 2016 Yang Fire Monkey…Year of Changeability and Unpredictability is now available for purchase. The book may be purchased at http://www.maryshurtleff.com, http://www.amazon.com/ or http://www.barnesandnoble.com. This year will prove [...]

An Era Of Religious Troubles Marches Forth

The astrological pattern referred to is shown by Saturn’s entry into, and passage through, the sign of Sagittarius, which will last until December 2017. It will bring forth clashes of ideologies, workable and unworkable solutions to mankind’s [...]

Loved Ones on the Other Side: Animal Readings and Human Readings

For one year after my Mom died in 1993 she turned a little lamp on by my bed every evening. At first I thought I left it on by mistake. Next, that my housemates were playing music in my room and leaving it on! Soon I caught on. Since then she [...]

Blue Moon

Blue Moon—July 31st What does it mean? The Blue Moon is considered the second full moon of a month. They occur infrequently, hence the saying….once in a blue moon. On July 31, 2015 at 4:42 MST, the blue moon will be fully visible in the [...]

Chaos And Lawlessness – The Naming Of An Age, The Challenge For Us All

Chaos and disruption. These are the energies I spoke of in my article called “DESTINY IN THE BALANCE: America’s Role in the Great Cosmic Plan ” in Dell Horoscope magazine in January 2010.  “When I heard that the dwarf planet [...]

Renewal, Rebirth, Transformation & Reinvention

With Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries, we are under patterns that call for revolutionary change and individual reinvention. There is no mistaking this era as one of drastic transformation on many levels.  Globally, it’s seen as disruption [...]
Instant Karma: The Myth We’ve Created

Instant Karma: The Myth We’ve Created

NOWHERE in John Lennon’s song does it talk about retribution and punishment. Yet, ever since Karma was introduced to the Westerner, it has been twisted to instill fear (shame and guilt). The song is about taking responsibility for who we really [...]

Podcast: Live Your Best Life Now

Listen Here: Renee Baribeau is known as “The Practical Shaman”.  She is the author of Pearls of Wisdom Thirty Inspirational Ideas To Live Your Best Life Now. Renee’s upcoming book, The Winds of Spirit (Spring 2015) features the “Awakening [...]

Suicide From A Metaphysical Point Of View

First, forget sin!  From a metaphysical point of view, there’s no such thing. A person’s choices can be poor, and even evil, but as I’ve written about in discussing karma, the ripple effects of such actions create their own reverberating [...]

Your Values Show Your Soul Evolution

I was reading an interesting article in an astrology trade journal which made the point that, despite some stereotypes about astrologers in the popular culture . . . regarding them as manipulative fortune tellers – or worse! – when [...]

In Cahoots With The Universe

Those who know me are used to hearing me talk about the universe did this, and the universe did that. I feel I’m in a relationship with greater forces, and that, so long as I align my consciousness with this field of energy and its many paths [...]

A Good Birth

Reincarnation is what allows us to learn wisdom as a consequence of our choices and actions. If you subscribe to Eastern philosophy, or if you have heard people’s reports following near-death experiences, or if you have had a past-life regression [...]

Podcast: Unbound Intelligence – Discover The God Within

Listen Here: Dr. Rajeev Kurapati is a practicing family doctor and author of the new book, Unbound Intelligence: Discover the God Within, where he examines the conditioning of the human mind and lays out pathways to go from believing in the [...]

Podcast: The Power of Auras

Listen Here: Dr. Susan Shumsky is a highly respected spiritual teacher and pioneer in the field of human potential.  In this podcast, Susan discusses her latest book, The Power of Auras: Tap Into Your Energy Field for Clarity, Peace of [...]

Discovering Life’s Phone Number

Most people talk to God, pray to God or communicate in various ways to the creator of the universe—hoping that such a greater power exists to listen to them. Some beg God to save them or help them at some point in their lives.  Others beseech [...]

Helping In Disasters Through Non-Monetary Means

As natural and man-made catastrophes become seemingly more prolific and intense during this era, many of us are left physically unscathed but psychologically reeling. The world may seem unsafe, unpredictable, and ever more chaotic. In this circumstance, [...]

Podcast: Create Exceptional Health & A Life Of Rich Fulfillment

Listen Here: Tova Payne is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Personal Coach helping people turn their dreams into reality. She combines practical strategic action steps with spiritual practices to help others live a truly rich and fulfilled [...]

My Ghost TV Debut

Whether or not you believe in ghosts is not the issue. It’s more about how you see yourself…as a victor or a victim. I just completed filming a new TV project for the Bio Channel called Stalked by a Ghost. Executive Producers Mark Marinaccio [...]

Have You Been Feeling the Dizzys Lately–Could Be The Female Water Snake

Do you have the Dizzys this Month–It could be the Female Water Snake Do you have the feeling of head pressure, ringing in the ears, or the ‘Dizzy’s this month? Snake energy is at its highest this month. This year the kundalini [...]

Manifesting A Truly Intentional Life Part 2

What does it take to manifest a truly intentional and happy life? Finding and releasing your poverty consciousness. This is part 2 of the manifesting blog. I hope you read part 1 with the exercises to get you started. What was the emotional [...]

Manifesting A Truly Intentional Life

To manifest a truly intentional life, first you have to know if you’ve got poverty consciousness. How do you know if you’ve got poverty consciousness? If you attempt to manifest wonderful things and happy moments and you’re [...]

Podcast: Art Of Living Happy

Listen Here: Lisa Jones is known as the “Connection to Clarity”, an inspirational speaker and spiritual channel, who shares her journey from corporate to consciousness and inspires all who connect with her. Lisa is author of the upcoming [...]

Podcast: Secrets Of My Soul

Listen Here: Spiritual Health Consultant, Olive Neil Noseworthy, is the author of the upcoming book, Secrets Of My Soul, a memoir of extraordinary true stories, of a spiritual journey, which made her know the truth about life, death and [...]

Top 5 Things Not To Say To A Cancer (Sun Or Rising Sign)

As the Earth orbits around the sun you turn the pages on the calendar. Depending upon the exact longitude and latitude, the sun signs rotate as well, so that approximately the third week of each month we enter a new Astrological sign and constellation. [...]

Feng Shui Aspects For June And July 2013

Wow, what a whirlwind year this has been for me! The year of transformation is an understatement. I sold my primary home in Utah and I am now living in my RV until September when I will move to my condo in Mesquite. We cannot get into our new [...]

Word Up

‘Avra K’davra’ is a Hebrew phrase that means, “I create as I speak.” Move over Voldemorte, your time is up. If you’re not aware of what you’re creating, then it’s time to become present.…present in body, [...]