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The Power of Authentic Branding

Podcast: The Power of Authentic Branding

Entrepreneur Altimese Nichole is the author of Brandticity: The Power of Branding Through Authenticity, where she combines industry knowledge and practical insight for small business owners navigating the complexities of social media. Listen [...]
I'm Addicted to Social Media - Help Me

I’m Addicted to Social Media – Help Me

I’m a Social Media Addict – Help me Social media is the drug of choice for the millennial generation.  Don’t believe it’s a drug?  See if this describes you – compulsive need for social media, habit forming computer or posting actions, [...]

Dream Website Designer Says It’s Time For A FAST Makeover

When you look at your website what do you think about? Do you wish it could be different overnight? But suddenly you feel all stressed out? Do you think that redesigning your site would take too long, require too much energy and probably cost [...]
Social Media is "Not Working"? Got Solution.

Social Media is “Not Working”? Got Solution.

We live in a world of posts, likes, follows and content. Within that window we are constantly being directed to be the best voice, have the best content and build that ever-illusive audience. We become a part of a social media wheel that is [...]

Podcast: 4 Common SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Listen Here: Anca Bradley is the Associate Director of Search Marketing at Denver-based digital marketing agency, Fruition. Over the years, Anca has developed an expertise in conceptualizing and implementing comprehensive online marketing campaigns. [...]

Podcast: How To Be The Best On The Internet

Listen Here: Max Cron is the Creative Strategy Director at Online Optimism, a full service digital marketing firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana. With a background in marketing and management ranging from the music industry to the garment [...]

Podcast: How to Thrive in the Era of Digital Marketing

Listen Here: Kevin Getch is the Founder and Director of Digital Strategy for Webfor, a creative and digital marketing agency and on the Board of Directors for SEMpdx, a non-profit organization that provides education and networking events [...]

Podcast: Avoid These Simple SEO Mistakes

Listen Here: Jen Van Iderstyne is a Senior Strategist at Overit and has been working in Digital Marketing and SEO for the past decade. Jen shares how to avoid the common, simple mistakes people make when using SEO to market their websites. Avoid [...]

Podcast: Make Your Marketing WORK

Listen Here: Marketing and Business Consultant Lon Safko, is the bestselling author of The Social Media Bible and the Fusion Marketing Bible. Make Your Marketing WORK What is traditional marketing and does it still work? How can you get a [...]

Podcast: Social Media Time Management

Listen Here: Rivka Kawano is a speaker, author, and social media specialist. She helps entrepreneurs, small businesses, and creative professionals learn how to master the power of social media to build real relationships and success. Social [...]

Podcast: Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Listen Here: Dimple Thakkar is the CEO & Impresario of Synhergy Marketing, a multiple award-winning social media agency based in Los Angeles. They’ve won the Small Business of the Year Award from the US Chamber of Commerce and received [...]

Podcast: Social Media For Boomers

Listen Here: Social Media Consultant, Chuck Hester, is the author of the new book, Social Media for The Rest of Us: A Boomers Perspective, a practical guide for Boomers on how to use social media. In this podcast, boomers will learn how to [...]

Podcast: Social Media Success In Today’s Crowded Market

Listen Here: In this podcast, marketing expert and iTunes bestselling author Zhanna Hamilton, who will shed some light on how you should be marketing on social media as a small business or entrepreneur. Zhanna will be releasing the audio book [...]

Podcast: How To Optimize YouTube Videos

Listen Here: John Williams is the VP of Client Development at Kangaroo SEO, specializing in online marketing and social media strategy. In this podcast, John shares how to get the most out of your YouTube videos. How To Optimize YouTube [...]

Podcast: Using LinkedIn To Find A Job

Listen Here: Bruce Hurwitz is the president and CEO of Hurwitz Strategic Staffing, and a recognized authority on LinkedIn. His two accounts consist of over 38,000 first degree connections and by using this network, he has successfully closed [...]

Podcast: Social Media Marketing

Listen Here: Johnathan Grzybowski is the social media director at Dino Enterprise, an online marketing firm specializing in websites, search engine optimization and social media management. Social Media Marketing What is your definition [...]

How To Save Face On Google+ And Facebook

If you hope to keep anything private, it is probably better to stay off the Internet altogether. If a “bunker” isn’t your best life style choice, you need to know that both Facebook and Google+ are making changes to their privacy settings. Facebook [...]

Podcast: Top Job Search Tips for LinkedIn

Listen Here: Cheryl Palmer is an executive career coach, resume writer, and LinkedIn expert. She has been quoted extensively as a career expert in major periodicals such as CBS MoneyWatch, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, MarketWatch, The [...]

Podcast: Let Your Love Of Social Media Communication Help You Face To Face

Listen Here: Patricia Weber is the author of the upcoming book Communication ToolKit for Introverts: Top Skills for Everyday Business Success, who specializes in inspiring introverts to live life at full throttle! In this podcast, Patricia [...]

Pinning for Scared Folks Over 40 Part 2

It has only been a few weeks since I started pinning. Now I want to kick myself and say what was all that pin-phobia about. If you are over 40 and you want to know about social media, it is highly recommended that you ask your children for [...]

Pinning For Scared Folks Over 40

I reached a “Ta Dah” moment the other day when I finally opened the log in page and displayed my first pin. Felt like I won the Olympics. Honestly, for me it was a real big deal. I was actually signed up for it a year ago and it took [...]

Fusion Marketing – It’s What’s Next!

Fusion marketing As many of you know, I am the author of the bestselling book, The Social Media Bible published by John Wiley & Sons.  My newest bestseller is called The Fusion Marketing Bible , published by McGraw Hill.  Fusion Marketing [...]

Take Action To Make Your Dreams Real

Many people are searching for success, and they are drawn to self-help programs which provide meaningful instruction. I, too, follow the self-help gurus because I get hope and inspiration from them along with great strategies. But what I’ve [...]

5 Steps To A Great LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the place to be for professionals. It is the largest professional networking site, so you need to not only join, but make sure that you have a great profile so that you can make the most out of it. Your profile is often the first [...]

3 LinkedIn Profile Mistakes That Prevent Credibility & Profit

Social media today Maybe you use Facebook and Twitter, but is your unique traffic increasing substantially? Do 3-5% of those visitors buy from you? If your traffic is not increasing substantially, then take a look at LinkedIn Marketing. Although [...]