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Podcast: Rental Secrets

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Today’s guest is Justin Pogue, the author of Rental Secrets – Reduce your Rent, Get Better Value, & Create Quality Communities and real estate consultant based in San Jose, CA. His services are sought after by property management companies, investors, and real estate consulting companies alike. FOX News, The Mercury News, Realtor.com, and ApartmentTherapy.com have all featured his expertise.

Rental Secrets

  • Do people really have the ability to influence what they pay for rent?
  • Where does the power to influence your rent come from?
  • What’s the real meaning of “Our rents are competitive with the market”?
  • Is free rent really possible?
  • What’s next for Rental Secrets?

Learn more about Justin Pogue and his book, Rental Secrets, at www.RentalSecrets.net

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