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Podcast: Get Over Your Ex Now!

Listen Here: Today’s guest is Human Behavior & Relationship Expert, Dr. Patrick Wanis PhD, author of the new audio book, Get Over Your Ex Now! Love Isn’t Enough – The Breakup Cure His expert analysis has been featured by major [...]

Online Dating: 6 Easy Ways to Look Like a Moron

Ever the adventurer, I recently stepped out of my comfort zone and signed up for a few online dating sites and apps. Over the last few years, I’ve found that it’s become harder and harder to connect with people in the real world. Walk into [...]
It Happened To Elvis Presley: Infidelity & Betrayal

It Happened To Elvis Presley: Infidelity & Betrayal

Over the years, one of my friends married a beautiful woman and fathered two boys. He shared his pride with me as they grew to become men. I watched their pictures fill the entire front of his refrigerator. His boys adorned the walls of the [...]
Podcast: What Dating Sites Don't Tell You

Podcast: What Dating Sites Don’t Tell You

Listen Here: Linda F. Williams is a Certified Personal and Professional Life Coach, trained psychotherapist, behaviorist, relationship expert and motivational speaker. She founded Whose Apple Dynamic Coaching Services, and authored Whose Apple [...]

Packing My Love to Go with Me

2016. My time finding my main home in Santa Cruz is up. The living room has flooded.  The over grown traffic has driven through my partnership with  ocean-air! Winds usher me to another town. I will continue to offer sessions to clients [...]

8 Serious Relationship Mistakes Made by Single Women Over Forty

Too often single women dating in midlife sabotage themselves and their relationships with behavior that is immature, unproductive or actually destructive. Here are eight mistakes to avoid when dating, starting a relationship or moving ahead [...]

Podcast: Tips To Re-Energize Your Relationship

Listen Here: Relationship Coach, Midori Verity author of Secrets To A Kickass Marriage, provides practical, real life tips to re-energizing your relationship. Tips To Re-Energize Your Relationship How can a mid-life crisis be the best thing [...]

Three Essential Guidelines for Better Communication With Your Partner

Before that loving Valentine’s Day momentum fades away, think of this season as a great time to focus on effective communication with your partner. So regardless of what else is going on between the two of you, by keeping these essentials [...]

Podcast: If You Leave Me Can I Come With You?

Listen Here: Misti B. writes humorous books about life on the road to recovery. Her latest is If You Leave Me, Can I Come With You? And she is here to discuss how to know if you are in a relationship with a codependant or narcissist. If [...]

Podcast: Sacred Relationships: Psychology For The Soul

Listen Here: Dr. Kate Pola Brooks is the author of the upcoming book Sacred Relationships: Psychology for the Soul. Dr. Brooks is a Forensic Naturopathic Physician assisting people with physical rehabilitation as well as Quantum level Emotional [...]

Podcast: Igniting Your Love Spark

Listen Here: Love Attraction Coach, Angela Wilkinson, combines her intuitive insights with over 10 years as a relationship therapist and transformational life coach to guide women through her powerful step-by-step Love Attraction system. The Love SPARK program [...]

Podcast: The 7 Things That Impact Our Decisions

Listen Here: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, June Stoezel discusses the seven basic issues that influence our decision making. She is author of Here We Go Again: Understanding & Dealing With the Unresolved Issues That Push Your [...]

Podcast: Date Your Mate

Listen Here: Toni Fox is the creator of DATE NITE BOX – the FIRST service ever to plan, book, box and deliver amazingly unique dates for couples, encouraging truly lasting and loving relationships. In this podcast, Toni discusses great [...]

Saying “Happy Birthday” To An Ex-Father

For ten years, I enjoyed membership in a large Italian family, and they excelled in festive reunions, dramatic gestures, abundant food and drink, and naming several people Michael. After I canceled my membership by divorcing one of the Michaels, [...]

Podcast: Is Conscious Uncoupling An Option For Divorcing Parents?

Listen Here: Is Conscious Uncoupling An Option For Divorcing Parents? Why is the concept of uncoupling consciously so threatening? Why does parental divorce so often become a process of unconscious un-parenting? So who really loses in divorce [...]

Podcast: New Science Of Love Saves Individuals, Marriages And Families

Listen Here: Stefan Deutsch is a trained Gestalt Psychotherapist and Founder of  The Human Development Company. He is author of the book, I Know You Love Me and You Know I Love You, which is part of his National Campaign to reduce divorce [...]

Podcast: You’re Divorced NOT DEAD!

Listen Here: Delaine Moore felt the fear that comes with dating after divorce, but put herself back on the market anyway – and at the end of her first year of dating, wrote the memoir, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom. Not only has it [...]

Relationship Trouble: Has Your Partner Changed Or Just Your View Of Then Vs. Now?

The title of a great and popular old Off-Broadway play captures one of the most common sentiments I’ve seen when working with distressed couples: I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change. If you have discovered that for some reason [...]

Podcast: Be The Man Your Woman Wants

Listen Here: Does this sound familiar? Your husband or boyfriend says he wants to make you happy but when there’s a problem, he seems oblivious. When you ask for his input on a decision, he says, “It’s up to you” [...]

4 Reasons You May Be Thriving in One-sided Love Affairs

When your involvement in a relationship is not mutual, the result can be painful for both of you, but especially for the one who is more committed to the relationship. Unrequited love —one of the most popular movie and novel themes—has [...]

Podcast: Get Your Best Possible Divorce

Listen Here: Family Law Attorney, Ed Sherman, who is the author of ten books including his famous debut title, How to Do Your Own Divorce and his most recent, How to Do your Own Divorce in Texas. Ed is credited with starting the self-help [...]

Podcast: The Lasting Effects Of Talking Nasty About Your Ex

Listen Here: Dating Coach and author, Marina Sbrochi, has been collecting stories from children and adult children of divorce for over three years and has finally compiled it all into her new book, Nasty Divorce: A Kids Eye View.  Marina [...]

Is It Real Love Or An Addiction?

I am often asked if I can explain the difference between love and a love addiction. What this question is really asking for is the answer to “Am I normal or do I have a problem?” My career’s work has been focused on helping [...]

5 Ways To Find Spring Love & Romance

Are you a single midlife woman hoping to find love? Good news – your chances improve as the weather warms up. Spring into romance with these five simple methods to meet more men. 1. Try something new! In midlife, it’s easy to get stuck [...]

Never Do This In Your Relationship!

I work with men and women around the country helping them with all aspects of their relationship. From learning how to talk to one another in each other’s language to healing from an infidelity and everything in between. However, there [...]

The Petraeus Affair, Why Powerful Men Cheat

The affair between retired Army General, David Petraeus and his biographer, Paula Broadwell is just a piece of a national scandal that is becoming more layered by the minute. Now, General John R. Allen who was to be nominated to be NATO Supreme [...]

Don’t Fall Prey To Petraeus: Affair-Proof Your Marriage Now!

I’ve spent the last 25 years studying marriage and divorce. So I’m watching the David Petraeus’s affair saga unfold with professional curiosity as well as prurient interest.  Politics aside, I think I have the whole thing figured out. The [...]

October is Domestic Violence Month

When I meet new clients, I always ask about whether or not they have been subjected to domestic violence. Sometimes they say no, but later reveal that in their families, past relationships, or current relationships there is yelling, pushing, [...]

Stuck On Single?

Unintentionally single? Have you been unintentionally single for more than a year and desire to be in a meaningful relationship? Unintentionally single meaning that you want to be in a relationship, feel that you make efforts to meet [...]

Obsessive Love Disorder: When You Can’t Say Goodbye

The Inability to Let-Go After a Break-Up  There is a large amount of attention being paid to the area of moving-on after a break-up in the field of Psychology lately and for very good reason.  Many people can’t.  The fixation on the former [...]