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Podcast: A Psychic’s View On Free Will Vs. Fate

Listen Here: Anmarie Uber is a Professional Psychic & Healer with 23 years of experience as a natural empath, telepath, medium, and clairvoyant. A Psychic’s View On Free Will Vs. Fate How are your readings different from [...]

Podcast: Benefits of Numerology

Listen Here: Tara Ventura is an Intuitive Numerologist, owner of Magical Matrix Consulting, Mentor and Teacher who is passionate about her work to motivate and inspire people to take action based on their gifts and abilities they came into [...]

Baby George…His Personality And How He May Rule

The King and We Since we the heard the news on July 22, folks fascinated by Royal buzz, grasping for the latest photos of the beautifully rich young couple Kate and William, baby George and their family pet, Lupa. As we stand in line at the [...]