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Mercury In Retrograde Stole My Words

Ah…I’m so duh…sometimes when Mercury in Retrograde rolls around (or rolls backward) I ought to say, I lose my words.

They just don’t come. I sit, look at my thesaurus in the middle of writing a scene and start rhyming the thesaurus with words like, brontosaurus, chorus, there’s more for us!

The upcoming Mercury in Retrograde in Scorpio is a gentle reminder for us all to review the past: ideas, insecurities, relationships that come back (to haunt?), and smooth over past wrinkles with self and others.

The planets don’t make you do anything. We live in a cooperation with our Cosmos. When the planets make a move, you feel it. When you make a move, the planets show it…Mirror Mirror on the Cosmic wall.

So…that said…when retrograde begins on October 21 through November 10 (ahem…we’re already in the energy of it alongside the Lunar and Solar Eclipses) be sure to think before speaking. Be sure to formulate the exact words and don’t dismay if you say, “Tomato,” and they hear, “Tornado,” and run away screaming.

The whole point of the Mercury in Retrograde is for you to look at your past and answer the big question it’s asking you, “Are you done with me yet?”

And if you’re not sure, if you forget your words or if you feel like you’re ready to go on hiatus, that’s okay, too. Just nod and be on yer mery wia…I mean…on your merry way. Oh yeah, here comes the Mercury in Retrograde typos!

But hey! One cool thing about retrogrades is that old friends return along with that lost sock. And sometimes, oh wow, sometimes people give up information you weren’t supposed to have! I call that a Cosmic Perk.

Now what did I do with the saurus?

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