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Top 5 Things Not To Say To A Taurus

1.) “Here. I got you a gift.”

If you’d really like to confuse your Bull, give them something and watch them frown. “Huh? Why are you giving this to me?” Will be their first response instead of, “Hey, thanks!” Taureans need to be clear. (Sometimes with diagrams and charade signs).

Security is their bottom line and this translates into being thrown off guard when spontaneity suddenly shows up. When Taureans are thrown they hit the ‘stubborn’ button or ‘thickheaded’ throttle. Taureans need to know why. It’s as simple as that. So say this, “Here, I got you this gift BECAUSE you’re so darn cute when you’re stubborn”. Then they’ll get it–but still ask what you mean by that!

2.) “HURRY UP!”

Taureans can be just as quick as the next gal or guy, but they don’t like it. Instead of pushing a Bull to action, you must stand in front of them and encourage them with kind words and a gentle pull.

Urge them into action and they will go the distance. Their endurance is mighty. Again, this is where the ‘why’ concept comes in, too. They need to understand their motivation or they’ll plant their hooves firmly. If they feel like you’re pushing them, they’ll turn into cement and then charge at you when you bend over to tie your shoes.

3.) “Why won’t you ask for help? I know you need it!”

It’s sad, but true. Bulls don’t ask for help. They hold in all the tension of responsibility and then explode over how you drive or that you left crumbs on the table after they’ve just cleaned. The truth is that they hate to be viewed as needy. They’re right there when YOU need them, though.

They’re loyal to the end. So when you see a Taurean who needs help you can say, “Hey, Bull. I could use some help on this when you get a chance.” And when they’re helping, turn to them and say, “Wow. You look stressed. Wanna talk about it? I’d love to help out if I can”. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but little Bull is so sensitive and it’s hard for them to be vulnerable in front of others. But if you give them this window, they’ll build you a house to go with it. They’re that generous.

4.) “Are you gonna eat that?

Yes, they’re generous, but not when they’re hungry. Bulls are possessive about their food. They have some sort of deranged blood sugar thing that turns them into snarling animals come dinner-time. If you care to remain friends with a Bull, stay away from their food! Or you can politely suggest that they carry snacks with them to avoid emotional crashes. The nerve of these Taureans….acting like children when all they need to do is pay attention to themselves and their own needs…oh right…that brings us to…

5.) “You don’t know the answer to that, do you?”

Their motto is: “I know”.Even though, astrologically speaking, their motto is supposed to be, “I Have.” Bulls hate to not know the answer. They get so defensive when they’re not in the know. Help them by saying: ”It’s okay not to know something. You can learn something new during the day and realize that you’ll wake up tomorrow and learn something else. This is called Life. Not knowing doesn’t make you less powerful if you’re willing to learn….ya’ know?” Ah, grazin’ in the grass is so real.

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