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Top 5 Things Not To Say To A Cancer (Sun Or Rising Sign)

As the Earth orbits around the sun you turn the pages on the calendar.

Depending upon the exact longitude and latitude, the sun signs rotate as well, so that approximately the third week of each month we enter a new Astrological sign and constellation. Welcome the Water Sign, Cancer, along with the Summer Solstice!

When reading the following, keep in mind that we are a lovely mix of mundane and esoteric.

Cancer: June 20 to July 20/21. The Moon guides Cancer. Moon moon, go away…come again when I’m not so weepy.

  • The Moon reflects your intuitive and emotional make-up and how you express feelings. It’s your capacity to receive anything and your ability to earn money.
  • When the Moon is full, shadows dance in the dark and either scare or seduce your soul. The Moon has a silver blanket to cover you when you snuggle down for the night.
  • The Moon is your mommy and best friend.
  • The Moon knows because it feels. When the Moon hides in the dark, it’s aloof and moody. It says sarcastically, “Cancer is guided by the Moon. If that’s not enough for you, then wait for Sunrise and deal with it on your own!”

Cancers are quiet, sometimes withdrawn, team players, and nurture through silence, intuition, finances, food, and touch.

Cancers are so sarcastic you’d think they were Scorpios out for revenge. They pout and act aloof to get their way. This makes others want to climb their walls to find out what the hell is going on. They’re terrific at manipulating other people’s emotions. They do this because they are emotionally immature. Sadly, many Cancer children have major issues with the lack of nurturing from their own mothers. This leaves them acting like victims much of their lives.

Cancers are the consummate parents. They are so soothing to the soul and the wounded child. They are quick-witted and fight tenaciously for humane causes. They are extremely creative (especially in the culinary, artistic, and financial worlds) because they can unconsciously intuit what everyone needs. They feel their job is to nourish and nurture. They’re great at magnetizing abundance. Once they realize that it’s healthy (and just plain okay) to express their feelings, they’re less defensive and can share who they are to help heal the children of this world.

Top 5 things not to say to a Cancer (Cancer Rising Sign)

1. Will you please say something?! Cancers are quiet creatures that take the world into their shell for examination. If you’d like to get a response from your Cancer friend then be polite when you ask them to respond. For example, you could say, “While you’re thinking about how you feel and what you’d like to say about that, I’ll clean out the garage.” Leave them alone and get busy. It could be a while.

2. I’ll be ready in twenty minutes. Oh, no. This will never do. Your Cancer buddy is ready now. They’ll sigh deeply but make space for your procrastination. Cancers love to get going on projects so if you’re not ready to act, hang out with a Taurus…(they like to go slower.)

3. Relax. Come sit with me for a minute. Cancers are water signs and though they go with the flow they’re so keyed up with feeling the electricity of the world they can’t be still. They have to be doing something to feel productive. If you’d like to relax with your Cancer install a pool or a water fountain in their backyard…and hang out and wait there for them with your Taurus friend. It might be a while before Cancer comes home to join you (they’re so busy lately!) so have some snacks that Cancer made for you yesterday. They love to feed people.

4. Can I borrow your computer? Cancers are notorious for working on something electronic. I know, you’d never think of them as gadget freaks, but many of them have been known to be forerunners in the world of  ‘Caring for Creation.’ It’s said that Cancer is a nurturing sign, but that’s usually not in the stereotypical way. Their venues are electronics, the law, food, body work, finances, and writing. Many of them are not waiting at home for you while baking a pie, instead they’re thinking about great food and finding every resource possible on the internet to bring that food to your table. Oh, did I say they cooked you something in the previous paragraph? Well, now you can see how unpredictable Cancer is. They’re guided by the Moon and can be dark and mysterious, or in your face and eclipsing your thoughts with silent light…holy light.

5. Say something…(please!) I mean this can start to get annoying when you’re talking to them and they sit there just staring at you. I know they’re processing their feelings on a level deeper than the ocean, but come on. Nod or something. Oh, well. Hey listen, you don’t really want to approach Cancer like that because they can be really defensive if they think they’re being attacked (Watch out for their defensive pinchers). So, instead of demanding something from them, reach out and gaze into their eyes and commune with them in silence and later on when they ask you something…don’t answer right away. See if they get the joke. (Hee hee. They’ll laugh, too. They have great wit!)

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