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The Wealthy Teacher: Lessons for Prospering on a School Teacher’s Salary

Listen Here:  Today we’re featuring a conversation with Danny Kofke, who after being a school teacher for 18 years, recently left the classroom to work with Mentoro – a financial wellness company. He is the author of five personal [...]

Podcast: The Money Garden

Listen Here:  In this podcast, we feature Julie Austin, an award-winning author inventor and keynote speaker. Julie and her products have appeared throughout the National Media including The TODAY Show, HGTV, Fast Company and The Wall [...]

A Financial Secret, Or The Rule Of 59

The first day of class It is Monday, the first day of school and the eighth grade sociology teacher walks into class and puts his name on the blackboard and next to it the number 59 with a circle around it. He then proceeds to tell his class [...]
A Meta Tip To Energize Your Money Flow

A Meta Tip To Energize Your Money Flow

Do you know there are ways to energize the flow of your earnings?  We’re not talking strictly doing business; we’re talking about universal flow and seeing money as a stream of energy coming towards you and being dispersed by you. Once [...]
Creating Prosperity With Your Higher Purpose

Podcast: Creating Prosperity With Your Higher Purpose

Listen Here: Livia Caudell is the CEO and Founder of Conscious Wealth Builders, a global organization that empowers people to discover their true authentic purpose and gives them the education, tools, and resources to create their own conscious [...]
Make Money Management Easy

Podcast: Make Money Management Easy

Listen Here: Danny Kofke is a former elementary school teacher turned personal finance author that has been an expert for CNN, The CBS Early Show, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. With recent research finding 66 million Americans have [...]
Making the Most of Your Dollar in 2016

Podcast: Making the Most of Your Dollar in 2016

Listen Here: Frank Congemi is an independent Financial Advisor at Securities America, here to talk with us about how consumers can make the most out of their dollar. From purchasing everyday items to becoming a savvy saver and building up [...]
Set Kids Up For Real World Success

Podcast: Set Kids Up For Real World Success

Listen Here: Tammy Johnston is the founder of The Financial Guides and has been in financial services for over 23 years. She’s author of Financial Foundations books, written to help kids learn about money in a fun, meaningful way. Set Kids [...]

Betrayal: How It Feels and What To Do About It

Throughout my life, I have considered every human being on an even keel with me. I treat each person I meet with dignity and respect; and I expect them to return the same. I’m the guy who walks into the gym with a smile on my face and a greeting, [...]

Can We Keep Calm In Every Situation Nowadays?

The internet meme of the British World War II slogan, “Keep Calm and Carry On” has morphed into any number of amusing applications. The latest I saw was “Keep Calm and Have a Tarot Reading”!  Is it really possible to keep calm in any [...]

A Boomer’s Secret to Success

There is more to life than planning for retirement. It’s really about making good choices and living life to the fullest. It’s about making a promise to yourself to discover the joyous secrets that will change the rest of your life. [...]

Podcast: Signs You Are A Chronic Debtor

Listen Here: Misti B. writes humorous books about life on the road to recovery. Forgive Us Our Debts, Please! Daily Humor for Debtors, Compulsive Spenders & Underearners reveals simple ways to help reduce your debt without losing your [...]

Podcast: College Poor No More

Listen Here: Financial Planner, Michelle Perry Higgins, is the Principal of California Financial Advisors in San Ramon. Since 1996 she has built a successful practice advising executive professionals into retirement. Her passion for finance [...]

Podcast: The Secret Weapon for Business Success

Listen Here: Connie Whittingham is the President & CEO of Y-OPA Consulting Group, a firm focusing on bookkeeping, QuickBooks coaching and consulting services. Connie is also creator of the free CD “11 Critical QuickBooks Mistakes and [...]

Podcast: 9 Habits of the Financially Confident Woman

Listen Here: Mary Hunt is a personal-finance expert and the founder of Debt-Proof Living. She learned about being financially confident the hard way – by digging her family out of over $100,000 in unsecured credit card debt – and now [...]

Everyone Has The Ability To Redefine Their Job And Their Potential

I stepped off the plane at the Dallas, Ft. Worth airport on my way to Tucson. Unless you have your own private plane, there are no direct flights to Tucson, the land of the brown and flat. I was not even out of the gate area, when an airport [...]

Podcast: Graduate College Debt Free!

Listen Here: College Scholarship Specialist, Shanice Miller, is the author of How to Graduate College Debt Free With Money in the Bank.  She avoided the student loan trap to the tune of over $200,000 in college costs, shares how she graduated [...]

The Magic Number

A friend of mine, Stefan Wissenbach, asked me what my Magic Number™ was. I thought about it and answered, 27. No, he said, not your favorite number but your Magic Number™. I guess my blank stare must have sent the message that I had no clue [...]

How A Peppermint Patty Changed My Life

This post could also be titled “Why you should answer the door when some little kid rings your doorbell.” Okay, so maybe the peppermint patty did not actually change me, but it sure had a huge impact on my life. It all started when [...]

Eight Financial Secrets That Could Change Your Life In 2013

Eight Financial Secrets that Could Change Your Life in 2013 It takes 21 days to form a new habit–and a whole lot of discipline! With that in mind I offer a few financial secrets that really work and are worth forming new habits around. First [...]

The Tip Jar

I am a coffee shop kind of guy. I like the aroma of fresh ground coffee, the music, the atmosphere, the people-watching and, I almost forgot, the coffee. My favorite drink is a mocha and I sample them whenever and wherever I travel. While on [...]

What I Learned Waiting Tables

Just last week I had a discussion with the parent of a recent college graduate The conversation quickly turned to the topic of his son not being able to find a job. He lives in Washington, DC, has a degree in communications and had yet to find [...]

Money: Sure Wish I Had More

Bundle up A mother reminds her child to take a jacket  while waiting for the morning bus ride to school.  The child doesn’t want to look uncool in front of his peers and doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of carrying a jacket [...]