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Podcast: Complete Guide to Patents

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In this podcast, our guest is Dr. D’vorah Graeser, an entrepreneur, intellectual property expert, and licensed US Patent Agent. Her company, KISSPatent, is on a global mission to help startups discover innovation and secure their intellectual property. She is author of Provisional Patent Applications – The Complete Guide and The Complete Guide to Registered Trademarks.

Complete Guide To Patents

  • What is your #1 goal as a writer?
  • Who is your main audience and what do you want to say to them?
  • Are books still useful today, given how quickly our world can change?
  • What book are you reading now and why?
  • If someone has a new idea for a product or service, what is the very first thing they should do?

Learn more about Dr. D’vorah Graeser, her books and services at www.kisspatent.com.

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