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Matchmaking with Select Date Society

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In this podcast, we feature matchmaker and CEO of Select Date Society, Amber Artis. She has mastered the art and science of creating meaningful connections and is recognized as the “go-to” matchmaker for successful executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and politicians. She has been featured in the New York Post, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Well + Good, Today, and more.

Matchmaking with Select Date Society

  • Why do people hire a matchmaker?
  • What types of people hire you?
  • What kind of results do you get for your clients?
  • How has dating changed in the last year, during the pandemic?
  • What inspires you?

Learn more about Amber Artis and Select Date Society online at www.selectdatesociety.com. Amber can be contacted directly via email at amber@selectdatesociety.com or by calling 877-344-9544. You can connect on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn by searching for Select Date Society.

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