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Podcast: The Next Level Entrepreneur

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George Black is the author of The Next Level Entrepreneur: Focus Your Passions, Map Your Direction, Build A Great Company and a business expert who guides “stuck” entrepreneurs and business owners to experience greater fulfillment and sustainable, profitable growth.

The Next Level Entrepreneur 

  • What led you to write The Next Level Entrepreneur and what’s something you’d hope any reader would get out of your book?
  • There are lots of strategic processes out there. What’s different about yours?
  • In all your years of working with entrepreneurs, what’s the most common thing they are missing, and what is the one thing would help them the most?
  • Can you offer any tips on creating strategy?
  • What are some ways our listeners could go deeper with some of things you are talking about?

To learn more about George Black and his book The Next Level Entrepreneur, visit www.livetrulyfree.com

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