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2014: The Thunder Year Of The Stallion

This last year of the Water Snake has been quite the ride and the Wood Horse of 2014 will feel like moving from the old Wooden white roller coaster of the past to the state of the art Colossus Roller Coaster of the future at Lagoon Amusement Park, Farmington, Utah.

Anyone from the Salt Lake City, Utah area will know what I am talking about. The Horse Year will be another fast one with lots of movement and travel, many thrills and chills and ups and downs. Buckle up so you don’t get bucked off!! Leave the past behind and embrace the future as the Wood Stallion of growth, creativity, and direction takes you on the ride of your life. Each year before I start my animal book, I close my eyes and ask the universe to show me a picture of what the year will look like. I am not the average practitioner who just does the Chinese Animal research of the past, but one who believes in visions of the future. It has taken me years to understand the meaning behind the visions and I try my best to decipher them correctly as I see them. The universe, everyday, shows us signs and metaphors that we as mere mortals can use daily to guide our way safely and more harmoniously through the year. Our job is to recognize them and use them wisely.

For eons of time, soothsayers have looked to the animals, stones, and plants for answers.

They believe the animals hold the answers from God for their existence. The animals provided food, clothing and transportation. Signs and metaphors from heaven guide us daily. The animals speak to us, the wind guides us, and our instincts keep us alive. Some intellectuals have a hard time with the idea of a spiritual realm without scientific proof. Science is a metaphoric actualization of reality to explain life, as is spirituality. The guide to understanding your potential is seeing the science within spirituality and the spirituality within science. The heart may feel the belief but the mind needs proof.

This year, as I sat down and closed my eyes and asked the universe to show me what the year may hold, I was first shown two black stallions in an open pasture running wild and bucking and rearing up at each other. Black is symbolic of the abyss and Water energy. However, black is also the culmination of all things. As they raced wildly around the open fields, I grew to understand this means unlimited possibilities this year. The Horse is an opportunist, loves freedom and will always look for a means of least restraint. The black was energy all coming together. Black Horses are not signs of death but could be easily seen in the means of rebirth and change.

The elements of Wood and Fire line up this year to be compatible.

However that combination with the yang Horse year may build an energy that runs wild and rampant. In order to bridle the energy of the Horse, use Metal. The Metal is the Firebox that harnesses the Fire Horse energy. Get it—harness; bridle!! Traditionally we harness or bridle a Horse to get direction. Those who learn to harness the energy of the Horse—will prosper. Adjust your energy appropriately. Use this loco Horse energy to direct your goals.

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