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Top 5 Things NOT To Say To Libra (Or Libra Rising Sign)

As we enter into the sign of Libra, with its scales of justice, I like to think of Libra as the Harmonic Convergence of head and heart.

Plan your month according to Harmony and be aware of when you toss the gauntlet to pick a fight for a cause.

If you know any Librans or Libra Rising Sign folks, here are the Top 5 Things NOT to say…

1. “AHHRGGHHHAA!” Never ever lose your cool around a Libran. It’s offensive, shocking,and a huge turn off. If you’ve got a gripe with your harmonious Libran, set aside a time and place when you can talk to them in private. Start your conversation with, “Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. I noticed that….” and fill in the blank without accusations.  Libran’s will shut down if they are implicated in wrong-doing (especially if they’re guilty or deeply wounded)!  Their whole gig is about creating harmony and pleasing everyone around them.  It would freak them out to think they stepped on your toes!

2. “Oh, I forgot we had an appointment.” Nope. Not gonna work.  If you’d like to score points with your Libran, be punctual! Above all REMEMBER things.  Punctuality and memory are two things a Libran sees as virtues. They like order.  Always remember appointments with them. If you happen to forget, they’ll smile at you but
simultaneously think, “What an idiot. He can’t even remember that we were supposed to go hiking today.

3. “Wanna stay at my place? Oh, don’t mind the piles of crap, I’ll kick that stuff out of your way and make a space for you on the floor.”  Do you even know any Librans? If you did, you’d never say that to them. They need order and cleanliness to feel harmonious. They need their closets to be organized by color, size, and fabric.  They need you to wear matching socks if you’re ever to be seen with them.  Oh, but now that I think of it…there are some Libra Rising signs that are so unconcerned
with style and neatness—those are the ones that live on the extreme scale of feeling “unworthy.”  Once they value themselves, though, they start to dress and feel beautiful. The remaining Librans, and Libra Risings, however, will notice your wrinkled shirt before you can blink. Those Libra folks can walk through a wind storm and come out the other side looking like Audrey Hepburn. (Well, no, not the men…but you know what I mean!)

4. “WELL? Are you in or are you out? DECIDE.” Yeah, ah giving ultimatums to your Libran literally makes them disappear like Houdini. Libran’s like magic just as much as the next sign, but I wouldn’t force them to make any hasty decisions. Especially if emotions are involved.  They get kinda confused and very defensive if you circle them like a hawk demanding anything from them.  That’s when they either make a decision to please you and then change their mind later (making you crazy)
they get controlling and aloof. Not very productive. If you’d like to know the true feelings of your Libran, present them with two logical sentences and allow them time to process what they feel… For instance you could say, “Libran, I was wondering if you made a decision to join us at the game or would you prefer to stay at home and organize your kitchen so it looks like no one lives there?”

5. “You’re okay that I did that, right?” Libran’s don’t ever want to offend anyone by telling them off. If you somehow cause an uncomfortable situation for your Libran they’ll hold their breath and think, “Are you out of your Bleeping mind? I HATE that you did that! You’re such a low life loser!” But what they say instead is, “Oh, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” Librans have very solid opinions, to be sure. But sometimes they don’t like to create disharmony, so they have trouble being direct. This actually pushes others to pin them down for an answer, thereby creating disharmony. Librans are really pugilists and don’t even know it! The scales are a tricky thing to balance!
To help your Libran express without the fear of hurting you, (or them) tell them that it’s okay to be honest and direct.  That honesty will create harmony in your relationship with them. At least they’ll take time to think about that one.

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