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Podcast: Get The Job!

Listen Here: Diane Burton is the author of the new book Get the Job and owner of Executive Empowerment Solutions accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Diane has nearly 40 years of corporate experience and has consulted in fortune 500 companies [...]

What To Wear: Dressing For An Interview

Mothers may advise wearing a standard navy suit to an interview, but times have changed and that old-fashioned statement may get you eliminated instead of hired. These days, appropriate business attire is much more personal and difficult to [...]

Coping With Job Loss

You’ve spent many years building your career and establishing a place in the corporate world and feel secure about your future and the future of your family. But what happens when it ends abruptly behind the euphemism of downsizing, reorganization, [...]

Podcast: Remote Employment – An Alternative To Outsourcing

Listen Here: Sharon Koifman says that being able to interview, train and communicate your methodologies is crucial to the way you run your company. Yet businesses seem to neglect these processes when they start working with foreign individuals [...]

Obstacles Actually Help You on Your Career Success Journey

I’m an online career mentor. I send my subscribers daily success quotes. I don’t explain the quotes. Instead, I ask readers to think about the quote and how it applies to their lives and careers, and then to do something to put the [...]

Podcast: Resume Therapy

Listen Here: Paula Marks is a Career Workplace Expert who has been professionally connecting people to each other for more than three decades. She is President of Hire Resources Inc and has been featured on CNN & FOX TV as well as in the [...]
Best Hire

Pick One And Only One: Talent Or Chemistry

OJ Simpson had his Dream Team of attorneys, researchers, and experts. This Dream Team got him off of a crime he all but committed on national TV. Wouldn’t we all like to have our own Dream Team whether it was a professional or personal Dream [...]

Podcast: The Value Of Volunteer On Your Job Search

Listen Here: Lynda Zugec is the Managing Director of Crossing the Globe, a non-profit organization that provides leadership development and work experience for students and young professionals globally. In this podcast, Lynda discusses the [...]

Podcast: What You Don’t Know About Your Job Search Will Hurt You!

Listen Here: Hank Boyer is the CEO of Boyer Management Group, a Philadelphia-area best practices consulting firm that works with businesses and institutions that want to get the very best out of their people. Since 2011 Hank has authored two [...]

Podcast: The Job Search Buddy

Listen Here: Davina Douthard is the CEO and founder of Polishing the Professional, a career center providing professional development, personal branding and career placement service. She is author of The Job Search Buddy, a handy pocket [...]

How To Hit Those Interview Curveballs Out Of The Park

Job interviews can be stressful. You’re likely to get thrown a few curve balls, so it is best to be prepared.  I read an interesting article in Bloomberg Business Week that mentioned the favorite questions eight senior hiring managers like [...]

Podcast: New Hiring Trends

Listen Here: Bradley Richardson is an Executive Recruiter, Best-Selling Author and Career Development Coach who share his perspectives on the hiring trends of 2014 and how job candidates can increase their chances of getting hired. What [...]

Podcast: Master the Digital Job Interview

Listen Here: Paul Bailo is a Digital Marketing Technology expert and founder and CEO of Phone Interview Pro, a service for jobseekers who want to perfect their telephone job interviewing skills and Paul’s new book, The Essential Digital [...]

Podcast: Using LinkedIn To Find A Job

Listen Here: Bruce Hurwitz is the president and CEO of Hurwitz Strategic Staffing, and a recognized authority on LinkedIn. His two accounts consist of over 38,000 first degree connections and by using this network, he has successfully closed [...]

RoundUp: What Job Interview Questions Keep You Up At Night?

Is it “what would your former boss say about you?” Or the dreaded “tell me about yourself?” JenningsWire queried real life job candidates, as well as the pros, to find out what oddball questions caught them off guard.  Not [...]

RoundUp: Getting Your First Career Job, What Works, What Does Not!

Ever wonder what it takes to get your first career job?  How are other recent college grads doing it? JenningsWire features real life recent grads who tell what worked and what did not work for them in landing their first career job. JenningsWire also asked [...]

Podcast: Top Job Search Tips for LinkedIn

Listen Here: Cheryl Palmer is an executive career coach, resume writer, and LinkedIn expert. She has been quoted extensively as a career expert in major periodicals such as CBS MoneyWatch, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, MarketWatch, The [...]

Make Your Own Career Luck!

The notion that you don’t have any career options is a myth. Every day you are making choices.  Every day you make the choice to work for the company where you are, to work for the boss you have and to work on the projects you drive.  [...]

New Year, New Career!

3 simple tips to help you make a faster and easier career change As a leading Career Coach, I’m seeing that many professionals make the mistake of posting their resume on a job board, or handing their resume to a recruiter, and then just sitting [...]

Does Changing Your Career Mean Decreasing Your Salary? Not Necessarily!

“How can I reinvent my career without decreasing my salary?” A client of mine, Matt, just reinvented his career from being a manager in the TV industry to becoming a manager in high-tech, and he even received a 15-percent pay increase. So [...]

To Thine Own Self Be True

Hiring by algorithms There was in interesting article in the Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks ago  called “Meet the New Boss: Big Data, Companies trade In Hunch-Based Hiring for Computer Modeling.”  In part it said… “For more [...]