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The Deep Meaning of America’s Solar Eclipse

The Deep Meaning of America's Solar EclipseNow that the famous American Solar Eclipse has occurred and is complete, it’s a good time to consider some of the meanings of such an event from the point of view of astrology.

A Solar Eclipse, first and foremost, is also a New Moon, and heralds a new cycle that may have its beginnings a few weeks or even a month before the event itself, and which influence lasts several months to a year beyond the event. The Solar Eclipse has crossed the entire United States and therefore represents a new cycle for the whole nation, falling as it did into the last degrees of the sign of Leo. The Solar Eclipse would represent matters connected to that sign, and Leo is a sign of leadership. It is also a sign representing creativity, often in the dramatic arts but also in the entertainment field, so that America’s role in connection to the creative arts may become quite influential.

The specific degree of the Solar Eclipse, 28 degrees of Leo, is very near the fixed star Regulus which represents The King. It would seem that America’s role on the world stage may become one of leadership once again. Leo symbolizes dignity, respect, and nobility. Therefore, perhaps America will begin a new cycle as beneficent world leader.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon gets in between the Earth and the Sun, and completely covers the Sun.

The Moon represents the feminine, nurturing, receptive, feeling principle while the Sun represents the masculine, creative, thrusting principle, and so symbolically we may soon have a condition where feminine traits or virtues eclipse those of the masculine during this new cycle.

There is embedded in this phenomenon a great mystery. That is, if the Moon were smaller in diameter, or if it were further away from Earth, its size would not be sufficient to perfectly cover the Sun – so exactly that the corona and the diamond ring effect can be seen in the last moments before totality – totality being the complete covering of the Sun by the Moon in perfect proportion. If the Moon were smaller or more distant, it would still cross the face of the Sun but it would appear as a dot or a large circle, and it would not blot out the Sun. Consider, then, this mathematical perfection of Earth’s satellite’s dimension and of the spacing between these planetary bodies vis-a-vis its star, the Sun.

The mystic understands this perfect alignment as representative of a divine order. Whatever you might believe to be the nature of the divine – sometimes called The Cosmic Director, The Force, The Universe, The Source, or God – it becomes apparent that this perfection could not be accidental!

Let your mind consider the gorgeous and almost miraculous set-up that allowed this total Solar Eclipse to manifest, and feel your consciousness lifting accordingly with the birth of this new cycle.

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