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What To Wear: Marsala – Pantone®’s Color of 2015

Color Forecasting Each year, Pantone® names a color and an accompanying pallet. These forecasts help designers and producers stay on trend and provide the right products at the right time. Ever notice that all the products made for the kitchen [...]

What To Wear: Dressing For An Interview

Mothers may advise wearing a standard navy suit to an interview, but times have changed and that old-fashioned statement may get you eliminated instead of hired. These days, appropriate business attire is much more personal and difficult to [...]

What To Wear: Dressing For A Funeral

Dressing for a funeral is simple, right? Just wear something black. If you want to be comfortable, respectful, and supportive, there’s more to it. Here are some tips for dressing for funerals…but first, a story. My neighbor LOVED flamingos. [...]

Podcast: How Anyone Can Be A Makeup Artist

Listen Here: Kaylin Johnson is a former video game designer who turned a passion for beauty into a career by building her business from the ground up, teaching herself the tools of the trade and developing the network she needed to succeed. [...]

Podcast: Spiritual Space Planning For Well-being At Home

Listen Here: Kita Marie Williams is the owner and lead designer at KMW Interiors where she specializes in spiritual space planning. Kita is author of Astrology & Interior Design: Unlocking the Secret to Your Personal Style at Home. Spiritual [...]

What To Wear On TV: Looking Great On Camera

You’ve got your big break! You’ve got the media’s attention! You’re going to be on TV! Now, what the heck you going to WEAR?? Dressing for the camera is tricky. Most people know the camera adds 10 pounds…what most don’t realize is [...]

Stephany’s Fashionation

What are the secrets to living great through looking great? In my book, Stephany’s Style Secrets: 7 Steps to Live and Dress Your Best, I use my 20 years of expertise as a Fashion Designer for Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Perry [...]

5 Fashion Rules No Longer In Fashion

Never Wear White After Labor Day Pish posh. I love white on white. It is elegant, chic, simple and rich. And if I am wearing a white shirt, white pants and it happens to be snowing? So be it! Bring it on, Jack Frost. Shoes and Bags Must Match Nice [...]