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Post-Election Prospects

From the broadest viewpoint – i.e., all is one – what purpose is served by the intense political dichotomy of our era, and how does it look to play out now?

One reason why I (like other, reputable astrologers) had predicted a Romney win was the array of positive aspects he still has ahead, especially on Inauguration Day.  As astrologer Michael O’Reilly said, “his chart looks like gold” at that time  (progressed Pluto trines his natal MC; progressed MC trines his natal Pluto; Solar Arc Node conjuncts his Pluto; Uranus sextiles his MC; and Jupiter trines his MC/PF, conjuncts his Node, and sextiles his progressed ASC).
Contrarily, Obama has a plethora of difficult aspects looming then, and afterwards.  (Progressed Mars squares his Saturn in H12; solar arc Moon opposes his progressed Saturn in 12th; progressed MC entering his 12th; transiting Saturn conjuncts his Neptune in 9th, soon to square his  Sun; and the recent Lunar Eclipse was square his Pluto.)

Thus, regardless of election results, Romney’s star is rising while Obama’s is falling.

This in itself means something.  We do not see yet because we are living in the shrouded moment.  But if you trust in astrology’s ability to foresee, it would seem that the drama is far from over.
It may be that, while we are all exhausted by the years-long political battle and wish to put it all behind us, there is a looming fight that will seek us out.  With the coming Uranus square, and Pluto opposite the U.S. Sun, a type of revolution is headed our way.
Romney has been quite mild in his responses since Election Day, but websites on Facebook under his name (but not endorsed) have begun rising up in outrage about cover-ups, voting irregularities, and unpopular legislation, among other things. A lot of anger is swirling around, especially in the half of the population who were not happy with the outcome.  When Mercury goes direct on the same day (11/27) that Mars conjuncts Pluto, while Pluto continues to square Uranus, an “interesting” day might ensue!

Romney’s Node in Gemini says he must communicate, not get lost in Sagittarius abstractions.

His progressed MC trine Pluto is empowerment, as much as is Obama’s Pluto trine Pluto.  Romney’s progressed Mars is quinqunx his Jupiter/Moon, and his progressed Mercury is opposite them.  He’s unlikely to remain mute, so perhaps he’ll begin to speak out or undertake to spearhead a fight against corruption or some other standard.
Meanwhile, Obama’s second term will be far from a walk in the park.  He will face obstruction, challenge and scrutiny (see above aspects).  It’s said, as America goes, so goes the world.  The Uranus-Pluto-Cancer t-square will be peaking between 2013 and 2014.  So here’s the big question: Do we need this drama of total polarization to finally reach the desire to return to unity?  The metaphorical rubber band can stretch only so far before it either snaps, or bounces back to relaxing wholeness.  The fate of the nation (and therefore, the world?) might hang on the issue of coming together after a brutally divisive historical era.
Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.