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Romney’s Saturn-Pluto on Obama’s Sun-Mercury

Romney’s One-Two Debate Punch: Can He Do It Again?

There was a lot of surprise during and after the First Presidential Debate when Gov. Mitt Romney clobbered Pres. Barack Obama with words and facts.  Not many had expected the widely agreed-upon poor performance by “the great orator” (the incumbent), and even many of Obama’s own party were startled by the imbalance of the candidates’ respective presentations.

However, astrology tells the story.

Romney’s Saturn, the planet of karma and discipline, falls exactly on Obama’s Mercury, the planet of communications, while the former’s Pluto, symbol of power and cleansing, falls very closely on the latter’s Sun, the very essence of the self.  Translation: Romney will probably continue to knock out Obama in any debate!

His Saturn will force Obama to deal with realism and facts rather than promises (Saturn, the taskmaster, is like that, and won’t tolerate unpreparedness) while his Pluto will dredge up everything that needs the light of day so that it might be repaired. In any relationship, the Pluto person holds the control while the Sun person is required to examine his very core; this is often the picture of a power struggle.

There is no greater power struggle than the American Presidential race.

With the dubious benefit of his Mercury-Neptune-Jupiter t-square, Obama has long been able to skate through challenges by using words to paint dreams.  This has allowed him to portray illusions (Neptune) in grandiose fashion (Sun in Leo opposite Jupiter) while often following a completely opposite, even wily, course (Scorpio Midheaven).  In itself, the synastry (astrology of relationship) between the two men does not indicate the winner of the race, but what can be said definitively is that, the race having now entered the stage where there is direct debate with audience viewership, Obama does not hold the winning hand in this forum.

This presidential race, now in its final laps, will prove to be one of the most contentious in history!


Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.