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Experiencing Life as an Adventure

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Today we’re featuring a conversation with author and speaker Walter G. Meyer. When the Covid lock down started in March of 2020, Walt started writing one story at a time from his admittedly strange life on his Facebook page and the result was Volume One of his memoirs: If You Weren’t Here, This Would Not Be Happening: plogs from my life.

He has been a guest on our show before and is back now to tell us about the book, his process, and how he thinks it can inspire others.

Experiencing Life As An Adventure

  • You didn’t really set out to write another book and this one was almost an accident. Tell me how it came about.
  • Are all of the stories about celebrities or what other sorts of stories do you write about?
  • Have you always wanted to write this book?
  • Do you think this has a broader message than just your life story?
  • You always have new projects in the works. What is next for you?

You can connect with Walter Meyer and learn more about his book at www.WalterGMeyer.com

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