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Designing Your Family Using Astrology!

Designing-Your-Family-Using-AstrologyDid you know that you can try to conceive at a propitious time that potentially will bring a child into your life who will most likely be compatible with you and your partner’s sign?

Did you know that you can in this way, God willing, design the relationships of your closest ties rather than allowing everything to be random and rather accidental?

There are cultures (I know of some Asian ones) that prefer not to have a child in certain years but to aim for other years where a prosperous fate for that individual is more likely to be the outcome… or, at least, that is what the belief system is.

For us in Western society, using the system of astrology known as Western Astrology, if made aware and given the assistance, the parents can determine a good month, i.e., zodiac sign, that would be more compatible with themselves rather than inherently incompatible. Some of the common markers would be as follows:

Earth signs play with water signs, making mud. Water signs and air signs effervesce. Earth signs put a damper on fire signs’ energy.  Fire signs and air signs kindle. Air signs sweep earth signs off balance. Water signs put out the enthusiasm of fire signs.

The mystery of astrology means that the milestones ahead in an infant’s life can be determined once the exact date and time of birth have been revealed.  These are written in broad strokes; free will is operative but certain karmic hurdles must be encountered and can be seen in the birth horoscope.

As with everything else regarding astrology’s mystery, this means being able to tell if a relationship at work or at home will be supportive or distancing.

Astrology also gives the knowledge of how to react to people’s behavior – in other words, how to make right choices in certain situations, and thus gain mastery within yourself over situations that can be aggravating, challenging, and perhaps even peculiar.  Knowing a person’s sign, how they are likely to react, whether your viewpoint is similar or quite opposed by the nature of the zodiac symbols, means that you can learn patience, have insight, stoke the flames or calm the waters. Your reactions can be aided by knowledge of their patterns, and thus you can transcend the immediate drama and elevate yourself to a better place by recognizing and doing some mental work that filters down into emotional reaction.

Astrology is a map. It tells of weaknesses and frustrations, gifts and talents as well as necessary suffering as the consequences of past life behaviors; it shows where potential is, and then it maps the best avenue to follow when at a crossroads. The crossroads involve choice. There is nothing better than astrology to determine the nature of the choice and often the wisest direction.

So, yes, you can design your family using astrology, but you can also handle your family and other relationships better by learning and utilizing astrology.

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.

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