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Creative Success Depends on Long View

Listen Here:  In this podcast, we feature author Taylor Marsh, who has excelled across multiple entertainment platforms over twenty-five years. She is a thriller writer who tinkers beyond the veil, writing [...]

Podcast: How to Write Your Book

Listen Here:  Today’s guest is Francine Barish-Stern, an award-winning writer and Founder of Golden Quill Press, a cooperative publisher that helps anyone who wants to write, learn through classes, one on one tutoring, with editing [...]
Advice for Aspiring Screenwriters

Podcast: Advice for Aspiring Screenwriters

Listen Here: Author turned screenwriter, Bridget Bell McMahon, honed her writing skills over a decade of nights and weekends while raising two sons, paying her mortgage and enjoying the everyday moments of a working mom’s life. She shares [...]
Part of Something Bigger

Podcast: Part of Something Bigger

Listen Here: Steve Bates is a professional writer with diverse talents and interests. During a successful career as a reporter and editor with a variety of publications, including The Washington Post, Steve published the award-winning book [...]
The Write Time Is Now!

Podcast: The Write Time Is Now!

Listen Here: Today’s guests are Writing Coaches, Kaneen Morgan and Shalanda Norman, founders of Writer’s Nation. They encourage others to write and help them create action plans to monetize their work.  The Write Time Is Now! Why is writing [...]
Podcast: Make 6 Figures with Your Writing Degree

Podcast: Make 6 Figures with Your Writing Degree

Listen Here: Jessica Mehta is a writer, entrepreneur, business owner and the author of four books, including 100 Ways to Make $100k with Your English Degree available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. With a master’s degree in Writing [...]

Your Destiny Sings In Your Ears At the Darnedest Times

Each time I stand up in front of an audience, I invite every person in the room to accept himself or herself unconditionally. “You are a one time miracle of the universe,” I boldly state. “Accept your height, weight, build, looks, hair, [...]

Podcast: Secrets To Successful Self-Publishing

Listen Here: Connie Corcoran Wilson is a professional writer that has won numerous awards for her content as well as her teaching. Connie founded 3 businesses, taught at 6 colleges and at the junior high school level, and now writes full-time. [...]

Podcast: Writing a Book? Listen to This!

Listen Here: Farnoosh Brock is an entrepreneur, author, business coach and green juice addict. After a successful corporate career at a Fortune 100 company, she started Prolific Living Inc. to fulfill her entrepreneurial passions – [...]

Podcast: The Power of Reading & Writing For Kids

Listen Here: Lisa Cohn, who with her 6-year-old son, Michael, wrote their first children’s book, “Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence,” together to help them overcome grief over the loss of their dog, Lucy. Since then, they’ve [...]

Artist: Once Upon A Time

There’s a fairy tale we tell ourselves about our artistic and creative pursuits. We say, “I’m an artist.”  Then boldly forget to back that statement up with real, consistent and meaningful art work. Are you really an artist if you don’t [...]

Podcast: It’s Not Too Late To Start Writing!

Listen Here: Latif Benik is the author of “Imminent Risk of Death” who started writing his is 60’s. Latif shares how he realized his dream of writing a book and the source of his inspiration. Do you dream of writing a book? Latif [...]

Podcast: 5 Ways To Tell If You’re Codependent

Listen Here: Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night to re-hash a conversation that happened yesterday, or even years ago? Ever stalked someone online, at work, or found yourself holed up in the trunk of a lover’s car so you could [...]

Podcast: Success In Publishing

Listen Here: Melissa G. Wilson is the author of 15 books, five that have hit best seller lists including her latest book, Networking is Dead: Creating Connections that Matter. This book hit #5 on The Wall Street Journal best seller list and [...]

Podcast: Vampires, Wizards And PIRATES, Oh My

Listen Here: Marti Melville is the author of the Deja vu Chronicles a paranormal historical romance novel series based on an actual pirate, Captain John Phillips who sailed the Caribbean in 1721. According to HollywoodToday.net “What [...]

Podcast: Resume Therapy

Listen Here: Paula Marks is a Career Workplace Expert who has been professionally connecting people to each other for more than three decades. She is President of Hire Resources Inc and has been featured on CNN & FOX TV as well as in the [...]

Podcast: Poetry for Healing

Listen Here: Stacey Renee Marcus has in her 51 years has survived practically every abuse imaginable. She has a story to tell and does so through her collection of poetry, now in book form titled Revelations of the Anonymous. Poetry for Healing What [...]

One Edit is Enough – How to Finish Your Book Writing Fast

You don’t want to spend all year on this book. You want it finished fast so you can get your cash flow going and brand yourself as the go to person in your niche. Your reader will read each chapter that uses a recommended chapter blueprint [...]

Want to Write Your Book Faster? Check Out Collaborative Writing

As I am writing this blog post I am thinking about how incredibly fast the past three months have flown by and yet how much progress I have made on a powerful novel series I am currently co-writing. The more amazing news, however, is that this [...]