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Is Holy Week Politically or Religiously Incorrect?

Several years ago my husband and I had the pleasure of visiting Egypt and Israel with a Rabbi and his wife who made the whole experience extremely enlightening. Some would ask, “Can Jews and Christians share their faith?” We were [...]

Three of Me

2015 March, I was hanging out with my friend. I had purchased Blue Bell Butter Crunch and we went to her apartment. It had been a minute since I had seen her so, she stopped by and scooped me up. As we sat at the table catching up on things [...]

What To Wear: Dressing For A Funeral

Dressing for a funeral is simple, right? Just wear something black. If you want to be comfortable, respectful, and supportive, there’s more to it. Here are some tips for dressing for funerals…but first, a story. My neighbor LOVED flamingos. [...]

The Devil Made Me Do It! Tales I Learned From Childhood

Using the Devil to Discipline “The Devil made me do it” is one of my favorite sayings from childhood. I grew up utilizing and reiterating this popular slogan that I learned oh so well in black church culture. More often than not, I believed [...]

Settling The Score Between The Sacred and Profane

Religion and hip hop? Gangster rapper Snoop Dogg is now Rastafarianism – his new name: Snoop Lion. Rick Ross proclaims that God Forgives, I Don’t and Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Frank Ocean declare that there is No Church in the Wild. Despite [...]