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Use Astrology to Boost Wealth, Health, Passion & Purpose

Astrology defined

First things first, let’s talk about what astrology is. This isn’t about beliefs or faith or religion. I’m simply going to define astrology and how you can easily use it in your daily life for maximum effect and opportunity. Astrology is a cosmic ‘snapshot’ of all facets of your life at any moment in time. It’s a study of how the planetary vibes affect you and your life.

Here’s how it works

When you’re born, the planets in our solar system are in a specific alignment and relationship to one another. This ‘astrological planetary map’ is unique to YOU…based on where you were born, the exact time you were born, and I also ‘read’ the name you were given when you were born. It’s your cosmic fingerprint. No one has the exact same astrological makeup. Not even twins. That makes you absolutely unique!


The planets don’t make you DO anything. You live in a co-operation with your Cosmos. When the planets make a move, you feel it. When YOU make a move, the planets show it. Mirror, mirror on the Cosmic Wall. Your ‘astrological chart’ changes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, as do the planets in their orbital relationship to each other and to our Earth. Your ‘chart’ is a blueprint, or map, of your life at any given time and it shows you an aerial (and microscopic) view of your: relationships, money, career, behavior, health, motivation, obstacles, opportunities, and what you’re undergoing emotionally, too. It also reveals the people you attract into your life, and whether or not you’re living an authentic life. A great astrologer can hold a mirror up to who you truly are, knows how to read your chart and interpret it, and hands you a tissue when, like Jodie Foster in ‘Contact,’ says while zooming through a wormhole, “I had no idea.”

September 2012 through June 2015, Uranus squares Pluto

Uranus, (say it with me, ‘You’re On Us) represents the part of you that’s erratic, ecclectic, or suddenly brilliant with epiphanies. Pluto (yes, Pluto’s been demoted from ‘planet’ to ‘dwarf star,’ but…) it still represents your urge to transform, regenerate on a core level. Would you like more money, better relationships (or one at all), or more opportunities for growth across the board? Then now’s the time to take a peek (or a long, hard look) into your ‘emotional and intellectual closets.’ Determine what emotions, struggles, attitudes, maybe some people, (and mismatched socks) need to go. In order to have new things, you need to make room by letting go of the old. But no one really wants to let go. This is where Uranus’ vibe comes in—that sudden urge you have to reinvent yourself. Uranus represents freedom. (Picture Thor with his hammer, breaking the chains to the ties that bind.) The ‘square’ part in astrology is uncomfortable. Again, no one wants to change or to let go of the familiar. But if life is cushy, you get too comfortable and cozy in your life, even if it’s unsatisfying.

Uranus squares Pluto through June of 2015. What does this mean for each Astrological Sign (and Rising Sign)? What you’ve been focused on takes an exciting turn, leaving you with that very uncomfortable, yet exhilarating, feeling of sprouting wings to fly high (or the fear that you’ll plummet without a net). The question is this, “Are you ready to grab Thor’s hammer, break the mental chains to Free Your Mind to come up with that one brilliant idea?” Let’s take a look.


Aries– Your ideas crack the code and a few walls, too. That ‘job’ cannot contain your brilliance. Civil servant is your middle name, BUT…service at the sake of yourself is just plain denial and here come the aches, pains, wacky stuff with your blood, head, teeth, joints, and bones. Even your sense of justice is bonkers until you express your true self. Sit still. Get Jedi quiet and envision your pending future. What’s your one big idea that sparks your fire? Know time like the present, here comes the gift.

Taurus-How’s your ‘self-worth’ meter? Joggle it. You’re like the best kept secret of the block. At odds with publishing, legal matters, or travel? Take a look at your belief system for clues. You’re a gold mine of ideas. Give yourself permission to HAVE. Deep breath. Open your eyes and look into the mirror. You don’t just have the answer…you ARE the answer. Too Yoda? Okay…the very next contract or travel op is your chance to see what you’re creating. Self-worth equals money in the bank.

Gemini-That group, those partners, this money. Determine what kind of debt you have: financial, sexual, spiritual, or with health. Assess if that person or group has your best interests. If so, a new structure for wealth on all levels gels. If not, stop making it about money. Sudden opportunities regarding your dreams coming true materialize. Yet if you still worry about not having enough, be diligent with budgeting, resourceful with ideas, and prudent with spending. Most of all, Be as present a possible when you’re ‘receiving.’ Take it in, with one breathe, eyes closed. The silence is so abundant, it will confound you.

Cancer-Partnerships and Career, and of course, your ideas. You must VALUE those partnerships and what you do for ‘work,’ or it starts to crumble really fast. Counseling helps. Sudden, spontaneous combustion about you and your great ideas spreads like wildfire. Thought you’d retire? Now? You’re in the current, Crabcakes. You simply cannot take on partners like you have in the past or it all replays like bad t.v. Your thoughts and words are making your reality a…reality. Focus on what you truly value and start thinking about a virtual assistant. Or, at least a partner who takes half of the responsibility.

Leo-Feeling okay? Stressed? Working hard for others? Erase the word ‘victim’ from your psyche and you’ve got a headstart. You have the power to set boundaries. You also have the power to answer the questions that plague others. There’s a lot of travel, contracts, and possibly a spontaneous fan club that springs up to honor you. But…if you’ve not come through on your promises, those folks can turn to angry villagers in a hurry. (Hey…Obama is a Leo…hmm.) Speak your truth and with a healthy structure, you’ll turn your words into huge opportunities.

Virgo-Children, romance, creative urges, problem solving can either feel like a burden or a joy. One thing’s for certain…any joint venture calls for a huge amount of energy on your part. You’re the battery for your inventions and dependents, but…that doesn’t mean you’re sucked dry. It means you learn how to delegate, collaborate, and set boundaries, too. It’s time you open up your heart to true sharing or you get stuck feeling a crazy electrical wire in a lightening storm. Write down what makes you nervous and connect to Something Greater for a solution.

Libra-Either you just moved and you’re feeling like a new person, or your psyche is repeating a powerfully unhealthy scene from your past. Are you tired of being the ‘victim’ at home? Then stop assuming the role. The thing with extreme behavior is that you’ll bounce to know both sides. Perfect time to look for the harmony in the center—of your heart, your mind, your sense of well-being. The catalyst for change at home shows you that you’ve allowed whatever’s happening. The new partners in your life light the TNT fuses. No use plugging your ears. What you need to hear is that you’re amazing, always have been. Now start believing it.

Scorpio-Your words can penetrate like either a caustic sting or a holy epiphany. Feel like you’re losing your mind? In order to think new thoughts, it helps to lose some part of your mind on occasion. What’s not okay is to hold it in and suddenly lash out. Your health wants you to work out it out of your body, not necessarily jump out of a plane or wait until surgery is the only option! Watch extremes or you’ll be prone to a fender benders. Thinking cryptically can make your blood boil. None of that. Healthy excitement and verbal expression equals renewed zest for life. NO texting while driving. Here comes your second chance at ‘it.’

Sagittarius-You’re bursting with life–If you don’t want to get pregnant, then buckle up, twice. Ideas are firing, too. Take your time with them so they’re don’t fizzle out prematurely. Timing is everything. One of your kids might need medical attention and that adds to the busy-ness of life. Keep romance spontaneous for rekindling, too. This forecast feels all over the place (as do you this month), so organize and value your strategic plan. Having a solid system in place increases income big time.

Capricorn-You’ve been morphing for a while. Suddenly, you might feel the need to move, buy, sell, redecorate or declare a new ‘life-major.’ Whichever it is, be systematic about it or your body will yell at you! Bones, teeth, skin, joints, hormones are all looking to regroup or heal. Give yourself time to do that and miracles happen! You’ve been hesitant to make a true commitment to yourself. But now when you look in the mirror, you see the endless possibilities of rebirth. Behold your new identity. (Give it a catchy title and you’re on your way.)

Aquarius-You might be quick to say it, but do you have all of the facts? Watch those judgments. There’s a part of your psyche that gets in touch with a deep-seated fear of…of…missing out? Repeat after me, “There’s enough of everything to go around. My needs are met.” That’s your daily chant until you ‘get it.’ You’ll need quiet time to reflect on what you truly want. But then you get impatient with life and start blabbing, and sometimes prematurely. Okay, maybe you do know more or can do it better…but you’ll have to eat your words if your insecurity gets the best of you. Best part of this month? Your ideas can move mountains!

Pisces-Suddenly, more people know about you and want your services. Money comes from all kinds of unusual places, so be open to possibilities. Even if you can’t offer the service, you can hire someone out who can and make a profit as a broker. Innovative thoughts get you past go to collecting all kinds of cash. The one thing that might slow you down is a group or association or friend, who questions your motives. If jealous folks hover, time to stop calling them ‘friend,’ and move on. It’s the tried-n-true- friends who loved you when you didn’t have any ideas that are the most valuable. Forge your alliances carefully.