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How Annie’s #1 Radio Campaign Created HUGE New Success For Author!

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Find out from this real client what it’s like to work with the famous Annie Jennings PR.

In this podcast, A’Mera Frieman, author of Breaking the Line: Victoria’s Beginning, reveals how she was able to leverage her radio campaign – which included appearances on CBS and ABC Radio Shows across the country – into new opportunities!

How Annie’s #1 Radio Campaign Created HUGE New Success For Author!

Why did you turn to Annie Jennings PR? 

When I decided to move forward with my media campaign, I did quite a bit of research for a reputable PR firm that works with first time authors. Annie Jennings PR was the first name on the Google list with proven results and testimonies. Of course, I looked at other agencies as well, but none had the stats of Annie Jennings PR.

How was your experience working with the radio team?

I loved working with the radio team. Stacy and Jason did an excellent job of matching my platform and personality to hosts/shows that would showcase me as the author  and my books. They stayed in constant contact by email or phone to keep me updated on what was happening with my campaign. The media training that Jason gave me was excellent and prepared me for easy and difficult interviews.

What did you do to leverage the interviews?

Once I filled out the questionnaire, the team focused on my background, personal life, and what my books were about to create an interesting and very correct title for me as a race relations advocate. The interview requests were precisely timed with events that were happening in the media and matched perfectly to my advocacy. I made sure to use my media training and tips in each interview.

How did opportunities arise for you?

Because of the radio team’s excellent promotion and my media training, I landed an extra interview at the end of my campaign with a major market in Cincinnati. I use the race relations title to promote my motivational speaking and book related events. As more people became aware of my name in search engines, I am able to use the interview clips increase awareness of my social platform. Several shows asked me to return as a guest. I’m also excited because my experience as a creditable guest on several major market radio show, I was approached to be a host of my own internet radio show with the Fishbowl Radio Network.

What role did Annie Jennings PR play?

Annie Jennings PR opened the door to an increased message platform for me by focusing on me as an author and as a Black woman of multicultural heritage. The reputation behind the name made it easy for me to be booked as a guest on radio shows that had never heard my name. The reason why I was recruited to host my own radio show is because of the credibility of the radio shows where I was a guest. Without the media training and accessibility of Stacy and Jason, I would have been lost and probably disregarded as a future guest; however, according to one host, I was personable, intelligent, and prepared to hold his listener’s attention. I’m more than pleased at the pivotal role that Annie Jennings PR played in my upcoming status as an author and radio show host.

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