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Driven By Impatience? You’re Headed Toward The Cliff: Part 1

Something to think about.

I’d like you to think about how, since childhood, you might have been excited about something: saving money for a gift, having a birthday party, opening presents on holidays, visiting an old friend or relative…recall that surge of adrenaline running through you, making your heart pound, causing you to lose sleep.

Recall those events from long ago–once you opened that gift, once you got off the plane and made it to grandma’s house, once the event came and went, the energy subsided, relaxed, or dissipated. And so too, with all of your intention to heal, to raise your vibration to get a better job or a healthier body or to ignite your love life, or to get out of debt and start earning with ease—the same pattern will follow UNLESS you become aware of something—

Before you ever got to this planet, you were conscious, you were present, you were vibrant and whole.

You were already wired for abundance. Once you got here, however, you started to forget some part of your self, your power, your DIVINITY, your ability to use compassion as a frequency generator…where the Cosmic rule is–the more you give, the more you get back.

Then you chose to be born. Then what? You carry that memory of instant gratification–of giving and simultaneously receiving.  The ‘give/receive’ concept is reinforced by the folks who raised you, your teachers, or your community.  You were always reminded of some sort of ‘give/get’ strategy. It’s still in play but without the desired results because the earth has physical rules that you didn’t take into account. Oops.

So you’re reminded to give and give until eventually, you give at the sake of yourself and you hope and pray that you’ll get back someday, in some way, especially from those to whom you’ve given. Right? But what happens when you don’t?

Here’s what I remind my clients…I can talk to people who’ve passed on but I still can’t walk through the wall to get to my kitchen quicker. I haven’t learned how to break through that barrier yet, BUT I have learned how to break through the mental barrier that CREATES the physical barrier.

We get closer to the core.

The mental barrier that CREATES the physical barrier is the loop that you generate, yet is fueled by a reciprocal intention. Eventually you feel your wheels spinning and you start to burn out.

As a spirit, you already know that BELIEVING EQUALS SEEING. Why? Because Form Follows Thought.

BUT you’re here now, so you play by the earthly rule–where seeing is believing—ah, Houston, we have a contradiction.

And the contradiction says, ‘It takes time to earn a living to pay those bills. It takes time to heal your broken bones or your wounded heart. It takes time for you to get back after having given so much.’ But wait! Some part of you remembers instant gratification, that when you gave from love, love gave back. What’s the deal?

As a physical being you forget that your spirit is your constant resource for immediate, available power. You unconsciously rewire your programming to fit this new physical reality, where you don’t always get what you want when you want it—and it leaves you believing that you lack something, because you’re not SEEING results.

This pattern leaves you in debt on some level—in relationships, with your body, emotionally, or financial. Because you give but you don’t automatically get back. What the heck?

Deep down, whether you remember it or not, you know that you’re a magnet for abundance. But your head uses reason and says, “Apparently, I have to see it to believe it.”

This mix of definitions creates contradictions.

”Well,” you say “If I work harder at it I’m bound to get back more. How else could it be? Right? The more I put in to my job, to my relationships, in to giving, the more I’ll get back, isn’t that right? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? Then someday I’ll have more money, or a more fulfilling relationship, or a healthier body.”

But now you’re exhausted because something’s not working.

In spirit form there’s no such thing as time, patience, or impatience. It’s all in the moment, everything you are, every possibility is just that…POSSIBLE. You’re imprinted with this memory…that it’s all possible. But still you hit brick walls. Still you struggle.

Here’s the key, listen very carefully to this.

If you attempt to put all of your power into making a change through the same wiring system where you struggle, you’ll blow a fuse. If you give it your all with a new thought pattern WITHOUT clearing the old one first, or at least a little at a time, nothing will change. How depressing. How futile. How the hell did we make it this far as a species?

The Remedy?

To affect any type of positive change do the following—each day start with a thought that says, “I give myself permission to choose my intention.”

Then choose a moment–not a huge epic, Hollywood sweeping thought of change–but one simple moment, where you decide to use your compassionate Spirit to make one tiny transition. In the next moment continue to make this exact choice…and then in the next moment continue to make this exact choice…again and again. There IS a formula for abundance.

Stay tuned for part 2

Elaine Marolakos Edelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.