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The 100,000th Publicist

That’s right. There’s an unprecedented number of “publicists” hitting the internet all vying for your business.

But do you really want to hire a “newbie” to make the most of book publicity experience?

Some of the dangers of hiring a newbie publicist for your new book include that fact that they have no time-tested, long term relationships with the media.

They also have NO BRAND NAME.

And in the media, the brand name of your publicity firm matters.  A lot.

Annie Jennings PR enjoys a 20 year relationship with numerous media outlets across the country.  From Boston to NYC, to Baltimore, to Washington DC and on to Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego and all of the cities in between, the media knows, respects and books the Annie Jennings PR clients.  Annie’s firm also lands bookings on the major national media such as FOX NEWS, CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, The TODAY SHOW, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and many more prestigious and influential media outlets.

The media books with Annie for good reason.

By the time our PR team even gets to presenting our authors, experts and guests to the media, they are media trained to be savvy, knowledgeable and professional guests and expert commentators.  They are coached to understand their unique content contribution to the story and/or segment and they are developed to the point where they are worthy of representing the respected Annie Jennings PR Brand. The media is comfortable booking our guests. And book them they do!

The media trusts Annie Jennings PR.

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