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Podcast: MindSET Your Manners

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Neuroscientist Dr. Nicole Gravagna is the author of MindSET Your Manners, a book about mastering life changes. Her articles have also been seen in Forbes, Inc., Newsweek, and others.

MindSET Your Manners

  • How did you, a neuroscientist, come to write a book about mastering life changes?
  • You researched the scientific literature coming out of laboratories as preparation for writing this book. What did you find in the science that struck you as really important?
  • In one part of the book, you write about how the brain tells you to “Do Something,” when things get stressful. Can you talk about examples of how people successfully overcome that urge when they feel panicked?
  • When people say, “get over it” or “calm down” why does that just make matters worse?

Learn more about Dr. Nicole Gravagna at www.neuroeq.com 

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