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Top 5 Things NOT To Say To A Virgo (Sun Or Rising Sign)

As the Earth orbits around the sun you turn your pages on the calendar.

Depending upon the exact longitude and latitude, the SUN SIGNS rotate as well, so that approximately the third week of each month we enter a new Astrological sign and constellation. Here we are in the Thoughtful Virgo Vibe.

~~When reading the following, keep in mind that we are a lovely mix of MUNDANE and ESOTERIC.

VIRGO August 22 to September 21/22. Virgo is guided by the planet Mercury.

MERCURY is the chatty messenger. Ya’ know…the FTD florist guy with a lot to say.

  • Mercury means, talk talk talk. Yada yada yada. Step lively and keep moving. Communicate, analyze, and see things for what they are. OR…nosy, gossipy, hypercritical, and nervous, gum-chewing indecisiveness. What a headache!
  • Mercury also deals with our siblings and short trips. (They can be headaches, too!)
  • Mercury guides the written word and the signs of Virgo and Gemini. Oh, details, details, details.

VIRGO folks are very organized, very meticulous, very exacting of justice.

MUNDANE Virgos are so sloppy because their world reflects the over stimulated mental synapses. They judge everything and everyone and are snappish in their speech. They hate to be wrong! So they go over every last conversation, word by word, to defend themselves. They attract bizarre sexual partners or have sexual difficulties in life. The have unreasonable expectations. They’ll think a thought to death and suffer migraines or intense ulcers because their judgments eat them up inside.

ESOTERIC Virgos love to chat and come up with the right solution for others. Their cause is to promote fair practices everywhere and so they become model citizens. They make terrific editors because they know how to cut through the bull. They search for all types of healers to know themselves inside and out. They make great leaders and partners and love to organize the group. They can fold laundry like nobody’s business.

Top 5 things NOT to say to Virgo (Virgo Rising Sign)

1. You’re wrong. If you’d like to put your Virgo on the defensive, wound them deeply, and give them the worst inferiority complex next to Napoleon Bonaparte, tell them that they’re ‘wrong.’ Virgos operate from a complex system of self-criticisms and inner critiques that calculate how many times a minute they fall into the ‘inept’ category. They may not even realize that they do this. They need reassurance that it’s not about ‘right and wrong,’ but rather what’s TRUE FOR THEM. If your Virgo is bent on being ‘right,’ then one day they’ll need to learn that being ‘wrong’ simply means that they have inner judgments and criticisms that make it hard for them to receive. And Virgos love to receive…INFORMATION…just not always about their morality. Remind your Virgo that they are neither wrong nor right…that they are NOT a moral issue. They are Pure Conscious Love—then go buy them a gossip magazine so they can read about Brittany Spears and feel better about their own lives. (Or give them a tech widget that will keep them occupied for hours.)

2. Your hair’s sticking up and…OMG is that toilet paper on your shoe? What a horribly embarrassing moment for your Virgo! Their middle name is GROOMED. Whether they be man or woman, your Virgo is neat and clean. They need to look put-together even if their house is a mess. (Which, by the way, they’ll NEVER let you see.) If your Virgo has a hair out of place or food in their teeth be as discreet and as unconcerned as possible when you tell them because they don’t like high-energy people who make scenes! (That’s another thing that turns them off and embarrasses them.)

3. Here. I bought you a copy of the original. Trying to woo your Virgo with imitations? Not gonna work. They love art and food and the art of food and music and order in art. They love the design of the original. Don’t even think of buying them a Ming Dynasty replica artifact unless you want them to throw it at you. They love the history surrounding your gift, too, so you better know it. If you’d like to attract a Virgo woman, talk to them about fun facts! Isn’t that simple? They love intellectual stimulation (it’s like sex!) To attract your Virgo man, don’t challenge their intellect. Instead, put on some lipstick and pose a quandary…’Can soap ever get dirty?’ What a turn on! They’ll be happy researching data for weeks at the library or on line…(just don’t expect them to join you for dinner without talking about their findings.) Oh, and be prepared to read the print-out reports that back up their data over coffee and cake.)

4. Wow. What a mess. You’re so disorganized. Gulp. If you walk into your Virgo friend’s house and find a junk drawer that’s bigger than the kitchen or if you’ve found the room that no one can walk into without tripping, you’ve found Virgo’s Achilles heal! That mess represents the Virgo mind on overload. The scattered thinking and throw away, half-baked ideas are a result of the Virgo’s need to control it all AND to continually generate ideas without actually following through. Your Virgo’s clutter is a reflection of their attachment to having to constantly ‘do’ something. Virgos are SMART! They understand the necessity of practical spirituality, too. They can apply a theory once they digest the benefits of the practice. Many Virgos use their higher mind to become health and healing practitioners, networkers for community, litigators for the common man, and higher thinkers on the Earth. To help your clever Virgo organize, nudge them toward a solution via a book that gives suggestions of HOW to implement and they’re on their way to creating, de-cluttering, AND learning, too. What a winning combo!

5. So what if he’s got a big nose? At least he’s got a job. Your Virgo best friend is so picayune! Every time you try to set her up with a potential mate she’s got something to say about the tiniest thing—his nose was too big…he picked his teeth at dinner…he had on too much cheap cologne…he didn’t stop snorting…that hair coming out of his nose was just too much! Yes, it may sound petty but it’s the little things your Virgo gal friend notices and is affected by. There’s not much you can do except suggest that they focus on the possibilities and the potentials. Virgos need proof that someone or something is of value. So if you want to set your Virgo friend up with someone, make sure he’s Price Charming, the head of the science department, AND he looks like Brad Pitt. Your Virgo is so very accepting of folks once they get past the little odd shapes and designs of nature. Then they open their hearts and shine like…like…Mother Theresa! Virgo Extraordinaire…

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