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Designing Your Best Life

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In this podcast, we feature Carlos and Susanne Hidalgo – business owners, podcasters and Life Design coaches. They spend each day looking to help people design the lives they love. Having walked through their own life crises in 2015 and 2016, they made some critical decisions to put themselves on a different path, get back to their true selves and live life to its fullest. They are authors of The UnAmerican Dream. 

Designing Your Best Life

  • Can you briefly explain Life Design?
  • Why do more people not embody Life Design?
  • How has embracing Life Designed changed you and your relationship?
  • What are some of the outcomes you have experienced with Life Design?
  • How can one get started pursuing Life Design?

Learn more about Carlos and Susanne Hidalgo and Life Design at www.carlosandsusanne.com

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