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Top 5 Things NOT to Say to Scorpio (or Scorpio Rising sign)

1. Trust me.

Ya’ right. Scorpios are the best silent detectives since computer spyware. As soon as you say something like, “Trust me,” their mental antenna turns on their internal lie-detector apparatus. They’re dubious by nature. They like to find the truth in dark places. If you’d like to be on the winning side of a Scorpio, then tell them flat out, “You may not trust me, but let me prove my loyalty to you over time. Then you decide if you can trust me or not.” Bingo. You’re in.

2. Ga’hed. Be sarcastic with me again. I dare ya’.

Too late. If you feel the need to say this to your Scorpio guy, it means he’s already opened his mouth and shared his unique style of communication. (Silence or slings.) Scorpio men are private and need dark, quiet spaces to download their afore-mentioned spyware information. They love a good mystery and would love for you to love that, too. Don’t expect your Scorpio guy to talk about his inner most secrets. (Esp Scorpio Rising men!) Ain’t gonna happen…UNLESS you intrigue him by looking at him seductively and say this, “Ya’ know, the last guy who thought he knew me was so wrong!” Then raise an eyebrow and show him your copy of “57 Shades of Gray,”  laugh quietly, and walk away. He’ll be on the trail to find out the real you! Trust me…

3. Yeah we could do it your way, but my way is better.

Oh, just watch your Scorpio grow dark Angel wings with this statement and travel to the ends of the Earth, and beyond, to prove you wrong. I wouldn’t say that Scorpio is a perfectionist in the traditional sense, but rather more like a competitive, obsessive fanatic for 1.) Getting it done and 2.) Getting it done THEIR way (secretly and passively) and without your help, thank you very much. Scorpio’s ambition outranks army generals and Capricorns so step aside and go sell fruit or get on Scorpio’s good side.

4. Hey, let’s blow off voting and go to a movie.

No. I’m sorry. You just don’t get it. Scorpios are dedicated to the cause. The CAUSE IS the point. They’re determined to get that show going, to see to every detail for the charity event, and to support their candidate for president. You go to the movie and your Scorpio (Scorpio Rising sign) friend will be lobbying for equal rights for equal pay for women…Hey, kinda like Scorpio Hilary Clinton! Anyway sometimes Scorpio and Scorpio Rising women are mistaken for men because of their power and ambition. (Hey! Kinda like Hilary Clinton!) Let’s stand up and cheer them because they’re doing what you don’t care to…and getting it done one way or the other, with or without you. Just don’t stand in a Scorpio’s way when they’re on a mission. Hey, come to think of it…I’ve actually seen some of them don capes…(Oh, wait…those were melodramatic Scorpio actors…never mind.)

5. NO.

Are you kidding me? Did you just say NO to your Scorpio or Scorpio Rising pal? Scorpios can be intimidating bullies just like their Taurean counterpart. They will tear a hole right through you to get to the ‘Yes’ line (or the core of any issue). This is why they make such AMAZING and profound litigators, financial planners, attorneys, movers and shakers, lobbyists, and holistic practioners. Gimme a break! Okay. If you need to set a boundary with your Scorpio, use non-dramatic language and have set points to make and then ask them kindly to let it go. Scorpio holds more information than a pregnant woman retaining water. They may never forget, but they can let things go faster than you can! Na na na na na nah (But Scorpio will NEVER brag and you better not either! Braggarts are like ‘the weakest link’ to Scorpio.)


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