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A Healing Meditation To Use For Loved Ones Or The World

Here is a healing meditation you can use for loved ones whom you know personally, or people in the news to whom you’d like to send powerful healing energy, such as someone wounded in a terrorist attack, or someone going through a health struggle.

The excellent thing about this is that it can be done from the comfort of your home, and at your convenience.

All you will need is about 10 minutes of peace and quiet.  A candle of any type will help but is not necessary.

Once you are in a comfortable space and posture, and the candle (if you are using one) is lit, begin regular breathing, using that to relax. You will start to feel as though you are floating.  (This occurs naturally after steady paced breathing and gradual muscle relaxation.)  You can close your eyes to facilitate this process.  Now you can begin the visualization part.

Visualize a beam of light, perhaps entering you pleasantly from the lighted candle, but by all means awakening from your heart and rising upward into your forehead (third eye). See that beam growing brighter and brighter – certain colors such as pink, gold, white, royal blue or purple are very enhancing. See the beam shooting upwards from your crown until it reaches the astral plane.  Once there, see the light connecting to, and integrating into, a bridge of light. This bridge is often called The Rainbow Bridge.

You now have the capability of sending your beam of light over and across the bridge of light, and into a beam that extends from the crown of whomever you are trying to heal. In effect, it’s like an arc of energy from your strength to their need.  The effort is activated by your breath, your intention, and your imagination.

Even if you don’t know the other party personally, they will still receive.

Your light will still infuse him or her.  Everything is connected.  Consciousness directs the whole show, and the party on the other end of your visualization becomes the recipient of your love and blessings.
If done right, you’ll find yourself happy and energized.

This meditation is effective when done privately but is far more powerful when done by a group, coordinated at a specific time.


P.S. Prayer works much the same way, except it is more passive while this is more active.

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