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My Ghost TV Debut

Whether or not you believe in ghosts is not the issue.

It’s more about how you see yourself…as a victor or a victim.

I just completed filming a new TV project for the Bio Channel called Stalked by a Ghost. Executive Producers Mark Marinaccio (Cursed) and Justin Tucker (Duck Dynasty) created this show about women who literally were tortured by earthbound spirits, both physically and emotionally.

According to Mark Marinaccio, “Throughout the development process of the show, we started to see a recurring theme, especially with women, that their paranormal attachments were literally like a ‘stalking.’

We set out to find someone who was working to help people who were experiencing this kind of personal attachment, and that’s when we found Cindy, our psychic medium. This was how the show came about.”

And so I was discovered — and chosen — to be the one who got to deal with the ghosts.

Oh boy.

Not a problem.

Bring it on.

You see, I’d been waiting for this for years. I did a lot of television back in the 90’s ( I know, seems like yesterday to me..) however it was mostly talk shows, where I got to talk and talk, about myself, and throw my opinions around like John Stewart on a good day!

But now here I was a clairvoyant author and life coach, speaker and teacher, of metaphysics, personal development and spirituality, getting ready for my close up…with the other side!

When I first talked with Mark Marinaccio, I fell in love with his melodic voice and caring energy. I could sense his storytelling perspective — that he wanted to create a show where those who were disturbed by anything supernatural would be nurtured and understood.

I got it.

I felt it.

I was enamored by the concept.

Within a week I was hired and filming began.



“My name is … and this is my story.”

Wow.  Incredible stuff.  Furniture moving. Physical injuries. Being choked. Haunted. Stalked. Scared, threatened and intimidated.

Now none of these women did anything wrong. Nor did any of them deserve such treatment. However, these ghostly encounters were really happening, to them…consistently, regularly.

And so I listened.

Half of me was aghast, maybe even surprised.

But the other half of me knew to be calm, and let the story speak…and unfold.

And it did.

Each of the women had incredible sensitivity – to their families, children, parents — everyone. They were elevated with insight and trust. They were intuitive, loving and vulnerable.

Nothing wrong with that.

Yet each one had the same underlying purpose — to expose the ultimate fear by experiencing the unseen.  In other words, to be stalked by a ghost.

I’ve done thousands of readings, and heard from many levels of spirit, from the divine to the depths of agony and despair. What I’ve repeatedly shared over the years is this: hell is not a place where people go. Instead, it is a state of mind. And we created it.

In truth, there is only unconditional love, and we are part of this divine energy that God/Universal Intelligence/Creator made. Yet we are here to experience that which we are not, in order to remember who we really are.

Enough said.

We are the light.

Yet our choices, or reactions, can create an atmosphere where we can forget all of this.

For whatever reason, these women subconsciously volunteered to experience pain and suffering, like we all have; only they did on an invisible level.

However, once their pain was identified and the reasons they tolerated it were understood, it no longer held any power over them.

Not only did this process release the ghosts, it cleared the vibrations that allowed the confusion in the first place.

And the women became victors, not victims.

I am very proud to be part of this show, and am grateful to all those who made it happen.

Even the ghosts.

Stalked by a Ghost premiered Monday, Sept 2, 2013 on the Bio Channel.

Join me for an exclusive behind the scenes look at the show! Read about what it was like to deal with some nasty ghosts!

From tortured, earthbound pain, suicide, murder and more, to profound angelic messages, discover what it was really like to be on the set of Stalked By a Ghost. http://www.biography.com/tv/stalked-by-a-ghost/meet-the-host

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