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Manifesting A Truly Intentional Life

To manifest a truly intentional life, first you have to know if you’ve got poverty consciousness.

How do you know if you’ve got poverty consciousness? If you attempt to manifest wonderful things and happy moments and you’re simultaneously manifesting limitations and doubts, then yes, you have poverty consciousness. Welcome to Planet Earth.

When you don’t manifest what you really want you might say, “See? Told ya’ something would go wrong. I never get what I want.” A self-fulfilling prophecy at least. Your unconscious self just got what it asked for at most.

The question is: What are you creating? How much of your creation is conscious?  

The word ‘manifesting‘ itself sounds lofty, as if manifesting precluded materialism. Manifesting does indeed skew toward materialism at times, but is it shallow to want a new set of table napkins? (BTW I just got a really great deal at Bed, Bath, to Infinity & Beyond.)

You might think that you need to achieve perfection in some area of life before you can manifest your deepest desires. Becoming adept in a subject does help. Author (and Virgo), Malcolm Gladwell talks about the ‘10,000 hour rule, in his book, ‘Outliers.’ This rule hypothesizes that if you engage a singular practice for 10,000 hours, you then become an expert at it–using the Beatles as an example.

When I told my 82 yr old mom this, she replied, “Then I’m an expert at washing dishes!”

If anything, the ‘10,000 hour rule’ shows your ability to focus on something long enough, and with conscious intention, to make it a reality.

This rule aside,  you might think that you‘re only able to manifest from prowess or from having an educational degree.

But here’s the thing…A manifestation is the product of focus, whether that focus is conscious or not. Just look at your current life. It exists because of you!

You‘re able to manifest anything you choose with or without excessive educational background and with or without limitless financial resources.

All it takes to manifest an Intentional Reality is altering your perceptions. Isn‘t that exciting to know? You don‘t have to be a know-it-all to manifest. You don‘t have to do anything except CHANGE YOUR MIND.

Okay. I heard that. Your thoughts are saying, “As soon as I change my mind I’ll have what I desire, right?” No. Change is incremental. So instead of using the word, ‘change,’ let’s use transitional.

Tiny moments of transitions over time equal one big change.

Okay, let’s address the first blasting zone emotional hot button–

  1. No one really wants to change.
  2. And that each and every change you make either brings you closer to conscious creation or pushes you further away from it. But you may not know what the results are until much later on. (Ah-hem COUGH trust COUGH.)

So what can you do? Before you manifest anything consciously, understand that you’re not going to think it today and have it be that tomorrow. It’s rare to have instant gratification occur at the beginning of your manifestation practice.

Once you have the formula and practice it with trust, it truly does take only minutes to set the goal into motion. Then it morphs along the way depending upon your unconscious beliefs and your natural timing. (Some folks call it karma.) But I digress.

Before you begin to manifest CONSCIOUSLY, it‘s important to clear a mental space. Meditate daily. Or chant. Or find a practice that creates a healthy routine of mindfulness.

Why? Because when you have peaceful or mindful moments, you create space. In that space, your nonconscious and unconscious mind will use it as a platform. The unconscious fearful chatter speaks louder (sometimes all at once) when you give it a chance. Once you know WHAT the fears are, you can address them.

With negative thoughts come blocks, fears, and barriers to change.

With judgments come limitations.

With poor habits come an inflexibility to change.

Neutralizing those negative thoughts, judgments, and habits (that get in the way of attracting and manifesting your dreams), becomes a new CONSCIOUS PRACTICE that will, eventually, only take minutes.

What you’ll discover is that all of your barriers are directly related to your belief system.

That would be blasting zone emotional hot button #2, which we’ll talk about in the next post.

In the mean time, grab a piece of paper and a pencil. Sit quietly. Meditate for a few minutes. Get quiet. Allow yourself to become present. Then see what fears and negative chatter arise. Talk to it. Reassure it that you are listening and are supportive. Tell that voice to take a break and have a nap while you count your blessings and list, on paper, the things and people, for which you are most grateful. Add to the list your gratitude surrounding your talents…and list those, too.

Gratitude is one of the key elements in helping your mind to switch from negative thoughts (conscious or unconscious) to manifesting consciously.

Stay tuned for part 2…

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