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A Good Birth

Reincarnation is what allows us to learn wisdom as a consequence of our choices and actions.

If you subscribe to Eastern philosophy, or if you have heard people’s reports following near-death experiences, or if you have had a past-life regression or consulted with a true medium, you are one of the millions who accept the concept of reincarnation as a fact.

As the pundit Will Rogers said, “Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” Reincarnation gives us the real and immediate lessons based on our past behaviors.  When we live through the consequences of some of our previous actions, we learn a lot, and mostly what we learn is compassion, because once you’ve walked in the shoes of a person’s challenges you really understand what it means to be on the receiving end.

What does this have to do with “a good birth”?

Well, this is a concept that is very closely tied to that of reincarnation. It means that you will return in your next life to circumstances that are conducive to success, good self-esteem, strength of character, and a background that offers a favorable chance to make the most of your lifetime.  A good birth does not necessarily mean being born to parents of means, though it often includes being born to parents who can give a child a rich childhood that’s full of learning, responsibilities, support, stimulation, educational opportunities, and bonding. Having a good birth does not necessarily mean being born into a certain country, for in every nation certain children are blessed by that heritage, that society, perhaps an extended family, and meaningful traditions. And having a good birth does not necessarily mean being born as a certain gender, for in different eras and in certain parts of the globe it might be more favorable to be male, or to be female, and there might even be particular niches in which it’s favorable to be transgendered, bisexual, asexual, or gay. These would include backgrounds in which artistic ability might be celebrated, or individuality or even eccentricity would be valued.

At bottom, having a good birth means that from infancy onward you are cherished, respected, and guided to develop and realize your innate talents.

It should be understood that the only thing that ensures such a birth is the accumulation of good karma from your previous lifetimes on planet Earth.

Karma is like a ripple; it is energy sent out that will return to you.

As part of this notion, you have to clearly realize that the universe is not playing a game of rewards and punishments, nor is there a judgmental SuperBeing who is sending you to heaven or hell.   Just think: will jail time transform the blackest heart?  Will execution modify profound evil intentions?  Can man-made justice ever do justice to the vast array of hideous inhuman acts that people have perpetrated upon each other?

No, not really. The best way for a benign universe to teach the soul its deepest lessons is for that soul to return into a new life, accepting the role of the victim of its previous actions. Then it will feel the pain and consequences; then it will be motivated to transform. And in doing this, it will come to understand and accept the fact that “all is chosen”, that in reincarnating the birth that one enters into is part of its own grand design to grow up and graduate from Life School.  In other words, to accumulate wisdom. This is called rebalancing.

A good birth is devoutly to be desired, for the life will be contain much less pain and be full of much more accomplishment.  It will be a richer and more desirable life.

To ensure a good birth, send out as many kind and compassionate actions as possible.

Make it your business (at the same time you’re striving to reach your success) to love one another.  Do good deeds.  Follow the Golden Rule.  And reach the end of the lifetime with a lot of good credit in the karmic ledger.

We could call this real life insurance.  A real life insurance policy for your next time around!

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.


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